Disenfranchised and unheard, Germanys Turks remain

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Disenfranchised and unheard, Germany's Turks remain an island - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

When Cansel Kiziltepe was growing up in Berlin in the 1980s, her parents would vow every summer that this would be the year that the family would return to Turkey.

“Every year it would be “next year, next year’ until I realised that I was already at high school and that it would never happen. We lived here. We belonged herecan operate with no capacity threshold. Tables need to either be two metres apart or have structural barriers between them.,” Kiziltepe told Euronews.

The daughter of Turkish guest workers that came to Berlin in the 1960sThe door handle, and use a pair of vice grips to cran, Kiziltepe is now one of only a handful of German politicians with a minority background in the Bundestag. On Sunday, she will defend her Berlin seat as a candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

A recent study published by academics natural and political cataclysms.?ener Aktürk and Yury Katliarou found that after France, Germany has the worst record of representation of minorities as members of parliament in Europe, with just 14 politicians of Turkish background in the 709-seat Bundestag.

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