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The current situation and development trend of corrugated boxes in China

with the continuous development of economy, the packaging of products in the retail market is becoming more and more exquisite. Merchants attract the attention of consumers through gorgeous packaging, and make full use of expensive shelves and display space. Some well-known brand products have very high requirements for the design of packaging products. They hope that the appearance of products should have high consistency, and should be completely faithful to the brand's own color

corrugated box is a packaging and transportation box made of corrugated board. It is an essential packaging container. It has the characteristics of light, firm, commodity protection, easy loading, unloading and transportation. The "anti glare" performance of materials widely used in home use makes it unnecessary to adjust the transportation packaging of electrical appliances, textiles, food, etc. for rear-view mirrors coated on the back no matter day or night. With the development of the commodity market, the number of carton packaging has increased year by year, and the carton industry in Shanghai has increased at a rate of 30% every year for ten years. At present, domestic carton sales are growing at a rapid rate - the sales volume of cartons reached 8billion square meters in 1996, increased to 12.5 billion square meters in 2000, and the output reached 14.8 billion square meters in 2002

corrugated box is a very excellent packaging material, which can replace wood with paper and plastic with paper. In addition, paper materials can be recycled and used freely. It is a green packaging material, so it is favored by modern society that attaches importance to environmental protection and has a good development prospect. The development of carton industry will inevitably drive the development of paper industry, machinery manufacturing industry and auxiliary material industry. From this point of view, corrugated base paper and machinery manufacturing in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, there have been a number of positive signals, but we should speed up the pace and keep up with the rolling development

first, there is a serious gap in corrugated base paper.

due to the rapid economic growth, the further development of the retail market and the improvement of consumption level, it is estimated that the annual consumption of paper and paperboard in China will reach 50million tons by 2005, including 15million tons of corrugated paperboard. Compared with foreign countries, the corrugated base paper used in China is generally high quantitative, and there are few high-strength corrugated base papers. Due to the lack of pulp and value-added paper, Many paper mills are unwilling to produce high-strength corrugated base paper. They generally produce medium and low strength corrugated base paper, and the scale is small, so high-strength corrugated base paper can only be imported. There are not many corrugated base paper projects planned to be newly expanded in China. It is reported that in addition to the new high-strength corrugated base paper projects of Guangdong Jiulong and Zhejiang Jingxing, there will be a gap of at least 1million tons by 2005. At present, the import volume of high-strength corrugated base paper is still growing

at present, the supply of high-strength corrugated base paper in China is insufficient, and the demand is large. The existing corrugated base paper supply system, which mainly focuses on medium and low-grade products, cannot meet the requirements of users for the increasing quality of products, so high-strength corrugated base paper only relies heavily on imports. There are three main reasons for this situation: first, due to the low added value of corrugated base paper for a long time, domestic paper mills producing packaging board are generally optimistic about products with high added value and high demand such as Kraft linerboard and whiteboard, resulting in few projects of corrugated base paper planned to be newly expanded. Second, the rapid development and improvement of domestic paper product packaging has driven the demand growth of domestic high-strength corrugated base paper and kraft linerboard. Third, the international market for corrugated base paper has been weak recently, with supply exceeding demand, while China's high-strength corrugated base paper market is in short supply

from the perspective of market demand, it is a major trend that the domestic development of high-strength corrugated base paper must develop towards the direction of low ration, high strength and full specification. The demand for medium and high strength corrugated base paper is large, and the price of corrugated base paper will rise. At present, reducing cost and reducing quantity are the two major themes of the development of corrugated base paper

II. Corrugated board machinery manufacturing

at present, there are generally three types of corrugated board and corrugated box production equipment in China. First, the traditional single machine is a single production process, which requires more than ten processes, such as batching, cutting, splicing, printing, tile rolling, laminating, slitting, slotting, corner cutting, nailing and packaging, to form cartons. This process has been basically eliminated in developed areas such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin

the second is the single-sided corrugated machine set, which was developed in the late 1980s in China. It is a great progress to replace the traditional single machine to produce corrugated board. It is suitable for small and medium-sized carton enterprises. Its production efficiency and product quality are one step higher than that of single machine, and it has strong adaptability. With the development of corrugated board production line, the production efficiency and product quality of corrugated single-sided unit are one step behind

the third is the corrugated board production line, which is characterized by organically combining various equipment with the whole corrugated board production process, connecting the whole corrugated board production process, and realizing automatic and continuous production. The corrugated board produced is flat, low in water content, crisp in shape, good in quality and fast in speed, which provides a good quality assurance for the next process after the carton forming

at present, the specific number of corrugated box enterprises in China cannot be estimated. There are nearly 10000 carton enterprises of a certain scale. With the development of market economy, the competition is quite fierce, and the fittest is eliminated. Some licking box enterprises have developed rapidly and become large sales enterprises with a billion yuan, such as Shengda in Zhejiang, Shangfeng, Asia in Shanghai, Lianhe, Huali, Xinqing, Jifeng, Xiantai in Jiangsu, etc. there are nearly ten paper box enterprises with a billion yuan in Shanghai. After the adjustment of the internal structure of the industry, Shanghai carton industry has implemented a new pattern of internal cooperative production of "centralized board making and decentralized box making". At present, the vast majority of small carton enterprises purchase corrugated board from large factories with corrugated board production lines. The division of labor in the industry has overcome the "small and comprehensive" production mode, and has given play to the advantages of good quality of large factory production lines, Improve the standby power rate of advanced equipment, which is less affected by the constant elongation stress (generally ignored), and give play to the advantages of fast turnover, small batch and multiple specifications of small factories, which greatly reduces the loss of base paper, improves the economic benefits of both sides, and realizes double profits. The traditional single machine production and single-sided corrugated board units have been basically eliminated, and the entire industry has formed advanced productivity

from the 1980s, China began to introduce advanced carton equipment from Japan, Italy and Taiwan, and from the United States, Germany, France and other developed countries in the 1990s, and then copied and gradually developed. Now it can produce more advanced corrugated board production lines, water-based printing slotting machines, flat pressing die-cutting machines and other equipment. At present, the development of carton market requires further development of carton equipment with high-grade, high-speed, high-efficiency, wide width and high-tech content. At present, there is still a considerable gap between the domestic corrugated board production line and the international level. It is necessary to continuously improve the design structure, production speed, electrical appliances, steel materials and processing accuracy. It should be possible to catch up with the international advanced level in another 10 years

it is suggested that the manufacturers of carton machinery and equipment: first, the corrugated board production line should research and develop high-speed adsorption corrugated rollers, improve the stability of equipment operation, reduce failures, and appropriately limit the manufacturing of single-sided corrugated machines with low technical content, high consumption and low efficiency. Second, in the face of the rapid development of micro corrugated cardboard abroad and the actual needs of our country, carton machinery and equipment manufacturers need to strengthen the development and production of micro corrugated rollers to promote the development of micro corrugated cardboard in our country. Third, equipment and machinery enterprises must adjust the production structure, overcome the "large and complete" production of all kinds of equipment, adopt a professional mode, and achieve the business idea of concentrating efforts, striving for excellence, continuous improvement, continuous innovation and continuous development

III. Development of corrugated box printing

with the continuous development of society and the improvement of standard consumption level, the printing of corrugated box must gradually develop towards high-grade, high-quality, multi-color and strong visual effect, with the direction of color and multi-color dot printing, that is, to replace transportation packaging with commodity packaging, and to replace box board ox card with white board ox card, so as to achieve the characteristics of bright color, good gloss and beauty. In order to meet the above standards, higher requirements are put forward for plate making and printing ink. For plate making of medium and high-grade carton printing, flexible plates must be used instead of rubber plates, and high-quality water-based inks must be used to achieve gloss, bright color, fast drying and adapt to high-speed production

in addition to plate making and ink, higher requirements are put forward for water-based printing slotting machine to achieve high speed, high efficiency and multi-color, and the accurate error of chromatic registration is plus or minus 0.5 mm. The printing slotting machine has made great progress and improvement in China. The water-based printing slotting machine produced by Shanghai Dinglong and Guangdong Dongfang has reached the advanced level in China and sold well at home and abroad. The improvement of printing quality is a very important aspect of the quality of the whole carton. If the die-cutting process is adopted for trimming, slotting, crimping and corner cutting, it is more ideal to achieve tidiness, smoothness and beauty

IV. development and improvement of corrugated cardboard

corrugated cardboard is usually used to make cartons, cartons, cushion liners, etc. According to the prediction of insiders, with the whole society paying attention to environmental protection, paper packaging belongs to green packaging, which has not only use value, but also recycling and recycling value. In the future, a large number of goods will be packaged in cartons and cartons, and the corrugated carton industry should expand the service objects of cartons and cartons

1. The traditional service objects of corrugated box packaging are outer packaging and transportation packaging. We should actively develop new products, such as micro fine corrugated box, supermarket shelf, honeycomb paperboard, from both breadth and depth

2. Corrugated box packaging should also actively develop to sales packaging. With the development of Commerce and the improvement of consumers' living standards, the market demand for corrugated boxes with high intensity and good advertising functions is increasing day by day, and the demand for exquisite printing is increasing

3. Kraft linerboard transport packaging will gradually be replaced by white kraft linerboard color printed cartons to realize the integration of inner and outer packaging goods

v. future development trend - intensification, specialization and marketization

according to statistics, at present, the average startup rate of tile wires in China is about 40%, that is to say, the number of tile wires is surplus. In the future, we should also follow the path taken by the United States in previous years, that is, we should continue to eliminate narrow width and low-speed tile wires and replace them with wide width and high-speed tile wires. For example, the Italian high-speed tile line introduced by Changzhou Changfeng packaging company has an output equivalent to more than 30 domestic lines, and the product grade and quality level have been improved as a whole. In the future, we should look at the development level of the carton industry in a region, not according to the number of tile lines, but according to the number of high-grade production lines. The law of market development is often: for what is lacking, people first pursue quantity; When there is an oversupply, people begin to focus on quality and pursue high standards of social needs. At present, there is a serious surplus of tile lines, and some people suggest that they can't go on new lines in the future. In this regard, Huang Shanxiang pointed out that the so-called administrative intervention means to solve market problems is not feasible. In fact, although some regions and departments are strictly checking, the tile line is updated every year, which only represents a higher level and more advanced productivity, and most of the eliminated are "third-hand line" or low-grade equipment

corrugated box industry and carton machinery manufacturing industry are developing towards a more professional division of labor. In the future, high-end production lines will be developed by

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