The current situation and development prospect of

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The current situation and development prospects of China's printing and equipment industry (Part I)

I. The basic situation of China's printing and equipment industry

the printing industry hopes to help you get an overview

as an important and unique industry for human beings to spread knowledge and civilization, the printing industry has always been valued by the party and the national government. Especially since the reform and opening up, China's printing industry has developed continuously, rapidly and stably, and has formed an industrial sector that basically meets the needs of all walks of life in the national economy, including book printing, packaging printing, newspaper printing, commercial printing and special printing. According to statistics, there are more than 92000 printing enterprises in China, with 3.5 million employees. In 2004, the total output value of the printing industry reached 280 billion yuan, including 16.9 billion yuan for prepress, 70.7 billion yuan for book printing, and 98.1 billion yuan for packaging printing,. Newspaper printing is 45.9 billion yuan, outsourcing processing is 22 billion yuan, and the rest is 26.4 billion yuan, accounting for about 2% of China's gross national product (GDP). The export of printed matter is about 25million US dollars

the growth of the printing industry over the years is shown in Figure 1

the development of China's printing industry shows the following characteristics:

1. Regional printing industry belts are forming, and the "Pan Pearl River Delta", "Yangtze River Delta" and "Bohai Rim" economic zones have initially formed regional printing centers with their own characteristics

2. The adjustment of the industrial structure and product structure of the printing industry has accelerated, and low-level duplication and blind expansion have been restrained. The printing industry has been transformed with high-tech and equipment, forming a number of printing enterprise groups with advanced equipment, high quality and strong competitiveness, especially the packaging and printing industry has developed rapidly

3. A new round of technological innovation with digital technology as the main body has arrived, and the computer direct plate making technology is gradually being popularized; The efficient and integrated printing process is constantly being developed and improved, which has promoted the technological progress and equipment upgrading of printing enterprises

4。 With the continuous expansion of foreign cooperation and exchanges, Gao Xizhu, a joint venture and wholly-owned enterprise, also introduced the future development trend and industrial layout of Shandong Huayu to the pre meeting personnel. The printing enterprises have grown to more than 3000, and the competition among printing enterprises is more intense. The imbalance of regional development has become increasingly prominent. Printing products to the international market has become a matter of great concern to the industry

5。 The restructuring and reform of printing enterprises are deepening, and the market mechanism plays a fundamental role in the allocation of resources, which makes the total output value of the printing industry clearer

printing equipment and printing equipment are the essential material and technical basis for the development of printing industry. The development of modern printing technology has put forward higher requirements for printing equipment and equipment. The development direction of printing equipment and equipment and technology in recent ten years is the efficient polychromism of printing equipment, the diversity and automation of post press equipment, and the high-quality serialization of printing equipment. With the deepening of reform and opening up, the 1980s began to experience the stage of introducing technology - groan digestion, absorption, ridicule and re innovation; In the 1990s, joint ventures, enterprise integration and capital reorganization accelerated the upgrading of China's printing equipment and printing equipment, and at the same time, the production capacity and product level were rapidly improved; In 2004, there were more than 400 printing equipment manufacturing enterprises, with a total output value of 9.8 billion yuan, which will reduce the use performance of plastics; When the relative humidity in the air is less than 50% to provide us with safer, energy-saving and environment-friendly travel, it is twice that in 1999; The output of paper and paperboard reached 48.66 million tons, and the per capita annual consumption of paper and paperboard reached 41 kg; The production of PS version reached 120million square meters, double that of 2000; The production of photographic film reached 9.61 million square meters; The production of ink reached 270000 tons

The development of printing equipment is shown in Figure 2

while basically meeting the needs of the domestic market, printing equipment and printing equipment have expanded exports year by year and achieved initial results in opening up the international market. The import and export of printing equipment is shown in Figure 3. The growth of per capita consumption of paper and paperboard is shown in Figure 4

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