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The current situation and development trend of China's paper industry equipment (Part I)

1 Analysis of paper industry equipment

with the rapid development of the paper industry and the state's attention to the introduction of paper industry technology and equipment and technological transformation investment, the scale, technological progress, product level, manufacturing capacity and other aspects of paper industry equipment enterprises have changed significantly, narrowing the gap with international advanced paper equipment to a large extent, Some of the non wood fiber pulping technologies that are suitable for China's national conditions have reached the international advanced level, and the market share of domestic medium-sized pulp and paper complete sets of production lines has increased significantly, which has initially shown its comparative advantage in competition with international multinational companies

1.1 advantages of China's paper industry equipment in international competition

(1) in the paper industry equipment industry, the structure and mechanism of enterprise economic types have changed significantly during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. The leading enterprises in the industry have changed from 50% state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises to more than 95% joint ventures, joint-stock enterprises with diversified investment and private joint-stock enterprises. The proportion of the original state-owned enterprises has decreased significantly. The changes in system and mechanism have significantly enhanced the vitality and market adaptability of enterprises, accelerated the adjustment of product structure and the improvement of comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and laid an important foundation for the sustainable development of the equipment industry of the paper industry. (2) during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, leading enterprises in the industry have basically completed technology introduction and technological transformation, forming a relatively complete design and manufacturing capacity. Leading enterprises in the industry have significantly improved their equipment level and manufacturing capacity through technological transformation of national debt and self raised funds. Special machine tools for machining key parts can meet the requirements of high-precision machining

pulping equipment enterprises have formed 4-5 enterprises with a mechanical output value of more than 100million yuan; Papermaking equipment enterprises have formed 5 ~ 6 enterprises with a mechanical output value of more than 200 ~ 300 million yuan.

(3) the leading products of leading enterprises in the industry have rapidly increased their share in the domestic paper industry equipment market, especially in large pulp and paper equipment, and the proportion of domestic equipment replacing imported equipment is gradually expanding.

in the pulping system equipment, the domestic horizontal tube continuous cooking and alkali recovery equipment on the 100000 t/a production line using straw raw materials for chemical pulping or semi chemical pulping, and the domestic drum pulper, heat disperser, deinking device and other key equipment in the 400t/D waste cardboard pulping production line have a market share of more than 80%. In addition, in recent years, in the process of black liquor extraction, screening and purification, white water recovery, pulp concentration, beating and other processes, the market share of key single machine equipment such as domestic drum vacuum washer, double roll extruder, pressure screen, large-scale double disc mill, multi disc filter and so on has also increased significantly, and has been matched in the pulp and paper production line with an annual output of 200000 ~ 300000 tons. Among domestic paper machine equipment: paper machines and cultural paper machines designed and manufactured by Sino foreign joint ventures with a width of 4.5m, a speed of 1200m/min and an annual output of 80000 ~ 120000 tons; Large scale enterprises design and manufacture Kraft linerboard paper machines with a width of 5.5m and a speed of 600m/min and an annual output of 200000 tons; The high-strength corrugated paper machine with an annual output of 100000 tons with a width of 4.4m and a speed of 500m/min has almost 90% of the market share of these domestic paper machines, and has gradually replaced foreign imported equipment. The headbox, soft calendering, shoe press, upper shaper, cloth applicator and other key equipment are supported by foreign professional companies. The domestic width of the remaining key components is 4.8 ~ 5.65m, and the annual output of 300000 tons of coated white paper board machine with a speed of 600 ~ 900m/min has also entered the market. In the complete set of paper machine equipment with a width of 6m and a speed of 1000 ~ 1200m/min, domestic drying cylinders and guide rollers; The press roll, vacuum roll, frame, etc. have begun to cooperate with foreign first-class multinational companies in production. The equipment manufacturing level and product quality have been recognized by large domestic paper-making enterprises, which shows that the gap between the design and manufacturing level of domestic equipment and the international advanced level is gradually narrowing. The headbox, soft calendering, in machine coating equipment, air cushion drying and drying, controllable medium and high rollers, sizing system and other new equipment jointly developed by professional design and research institutes and enterprises have been promoted on a variety of small and medium-sized paper machines with an output of 50000 ~ 150000 T/A, and the market share is expanding day by day. It shows the potential of joint development of products by industry, University and research.

(4) leading enterprises in the industry have gradually attached importance to technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign professional companies with outstanding achievements in complete machine supporting, such as electrical transmission, automation, computer control, environmental protection, as well as supporting companies of bearings, motors, lubricants and other products. They have also begun to carry out process cooperation with domestic enterprises in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, electronics, concrete, dating back to the ancient chronology, computers and other industries, To solve the problem of special processing parts, special raw materials and spare parts that the industry itself lacks.

1.2 constraints on the development of China's paper industry equipment

although domestic paper industry equipment has undergone some fundamental changes during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, in the next five years, the paper industry equipment industry should develop synchronously with the paper industry, further change to quality and efficiency, and provide the paper industry with advanced equipment with low input and high output, energy conservation, consumption reduction and less pollution, Participating in the competition in the domestic and international markets is still restricted by many factors:

(1) it is difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment

the equipment industry of the paper industry is a traditional industry, which needs to vigorously transform the modern equipment level of the industry. With the macro adjustment of the national credit policy, the proportion of enterprises accumulating funds by themselves and financing from the society will increase, and it will be more difficult

(2) it is difficult to obtain high and new technology

at present, the absorption and digestion of foreign new technologies by equipment enterprises in the paper industry mainly focus on manufacturing according to drawings and pushing products to the market in kind. After joining the WTO, because foreign companies have strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, it is very difficult for domestic enterprises to further obtain high-quality, high-efficiency, high-efficiency, energy-saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and other high-tech pulping and papermaking in the past form. Therefore, domestic enterprises must pay attention to independent development capabilities

(3) it is difficult to have high-level free and highly professional and technical personnel

the professional knowledge of high-tech pulp and paper machinery covers a wide range, many knowledge and experience need to keep pace with the times, and a group of senior talents with new knowledge structure and innovation ability are needed, otherwise the real technological breakthrough of pulp and paper equipment cannot be achieved. It is difficult for enterprises to have high-level talents who can overcome high-tech in a short period of time alone, and they will also face competition for talents from international multinational companies in China

(4) it is difficult to create an orderly competitive market environment

the equipment industry of the paper industry formed a batch of pulp cement soft training test models during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, with a total of 40 × forty × It is a leading enterprise in the field of papermaking equipment with a detachable 3-joint test mold of 160mm. However, most enterprises in the industry still have the same products. They are used to obtaining technology through traditional ways and entering the market at a low cost. In the competition, they break away from product quality, technical level, high-quality service and so on, and press down the price without principle, which leads to the abnormal decline of the profits of the entire paper industry equipment industry, and seriously damages the self-development and accumulation of self owned funds of pulp and paper equipment enterprises

(5) product competition and talent competition with foreign multinational corporations

according to their globalization strategy, some famous multinational corporations and professional companies abroad regard the Chinese paper market with great potential as their target market. They should not only maintain their monopoly position in large, high-speed, automated pulp and paper production lines, but also give full play to their capital and technological advantages, and set up joint ventures and technology centers in China one after another, Seek manufacturing partners, take advantage of domestic talent and cost advantages, and adjust price policies to compete for the market of medium-sized enterprises with large market share of domestic equipment. The key equipment department, which sells vacancies in the domestic market at a high price, is able to adapt to a variety of experimental pieces, while the key components and general components that can be replaced by domestic equipment are sold at close prices. Under the environment of internationalization of domestic market, the equipment enterprises of paper industry will face challenges

2 the gap and development trend between the main equipment of China's pulp and paper industry and the international advanced level

(1) material preparation equipment

chipper and chip screen due to the diversification of domestic papermaking raw materials, the development of wood chipper and chip screening equipment in material preparation equipment is not fast. At present, the diameter of wood disc chipper is 3350mm and the diameter of bamboo disc chipper is 1670mm. With the integration of forestry and paper and the development of APMP and CTMP high-yield pulping technology, the specifications of domestic chipper and chip screen need to be developed to large-scale and improve the level of automatic control; Foreign countries have developed drum chippers and disk chip sieves with high efficiency and classification according to the thickness of wood chips, and pay attention to the cleaner production of material preparation system

wet material preparation domestic grass fiber material preparation equipment is relatively complete, mainly for continuous cooking, with a capacity of 300m3/h. At present, the specification capacity of wood chip preparation equipment (drum washing) is not large, and domestic paper mills have imported 2000m3 wood chip warehouses from abroad

(2) cooking equipment system

the 150t/D horizontal tube continuous cooking system equipment and automatic control system, which mainly adapt to grass raw materials, have all been localized, and its pulp yield and operation efficiency have reached the international advanced level. At present, 250 ~ 300t/D cooking equipment is being developed

vertical continuous cooking technology suitable for wood fiber is still blank in China. Its key technology and equipment: heating cooking and automatic control technology, high compression ratio feeder. Domestic paper mills have introduced 220000 T/a equipment system. In addition, RDH energy-saving intermittent cooking equipment is suitable for raw materials such as wood pulp and bamboo pulp, and the investment is less than that of continuous cooking equipment system, which is especially suitable for the technical transformation of old factories

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source: pulp and paper equipment branch of China Light Machinery Association Author: Zhang junnan

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