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Xinyi Glass plans to spin off the auto glass business for listing

Xinyi Glass (0868) has been listed for 10 years, and the Mi Mi spin off business has been listed. Following Xinyi optical energy (0968), the board of directors announced its plan to spin off the retail business of Hong Kong Auto glass and list it on the gem. CEO and executive director Dong Qingshi said yesterday that the retail business in Hong Kong accounts for a small proportion of the overall turnover, the spin off will not affect the performance of the parent company, and there is no listing schedule at present. Xinyi solar also announced that it would not only fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also set up Xinyi Energy Co., Ltd. to specialize in solar power plants. In the short term, it would introduce strategic investors, and in the long term, it would also be split and listed

Dong Qingshi said that the group's way of operating auto glass retail in Hong Kong is more special than that in other places. It is the only direct retail market. He described it as a leading enterprise with a mature development and a foothold in Hong Kong for 17 to 18 years, with a high market share. As the Hong Kong market has development potential and there is a huge demand for high-quality automotive glass, the group hopes to use the listing platform to allow more development of relevant businesses. Asked why the listing of the mechanical environment experiment industry board specified in the mechanical environment experiment method standards at home and abroad was in Chuang 4, he pointed out that this was determined by the performance

half year profit of 945million yuan, an increase of 24.1%

in addition, Xinyi Glass announced yesterday that the mid-term net profit of the first half of this year increased by 24.1% to 945million yuan, mainly due to the growth in sales of automotive glass and architectural glass. The basic earnings per share was 24.1 cents, with an interim dividend of 9.5 cents per share

Dong Qingshi pointed out that architectural glass still maintained a good performance in the first half of the year under the slowdown of mainland economic growth, and the current orders are also very abundant; The decrease in gross profit margin was due to the small construction demand in the first half of the year, and the group needed to find more temporary orders, which affected the gross profit margin. With the relaxation of monetary policy in the mainland, which is beneficial to the real estate market, and the accelerated completion of orders in June and July, we are confident in the pricing of float glass and architectural glass in the second half of the year

Xinyi optical energy earns twice as much

xin5 The net profit of micro printer and standard RS232 interface increased by two times to 600million yuan in the light energy period, mainly due to the increase in sales of solar glass and the increase in revenue from solar power generation, procurement and construction services. The basic earnings per share was 9.43 cents and the interim interest rate was 4.2 cents

Liyouyou, CEO and executive director of Xinyi solar energy, said that the company has built 280 MW of solar power plants, and 754 MW of power plants are under development or construction. The goal at the end of this year is to have a total installed capacity of 1 GW. He estimated that the 1 gigawatt power station is expected to start in the fourth quarter of this year and contribute to the electricity revenue in 2016. The electrical device of the computer-based universal material testing machine is in the force measuring device, but he pointed out that the national subsidy for solar power generation lags behind, but he believes that it will be improved in the long run

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