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Xinyi launches high-efficiency ar photovoltaic glass

Dongguan, April 23, 2010/AP Asia/__ The national development and Reform Commission pointed out in the "energy conservation and environmental protection development plan" that China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry will become a new pillar industry by 2015. In order to keep up with the development of low-carbon economy, Xinyi Glass has recently launched high-efficiency (efficiency, effect and benefit) ar photovoltaic glass, which is a new development of ultra white photovoltaic glass (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. under Xinyi Group in solar module products, and will also greatly promote the popularization and promotion of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. This is also a major measure for Xinyi photovoltaic glass production technology to make a breakthrough

in recent years, natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis and greenhouse effect have occurred frequently, which has attracted great attention. The market capacity of plastic extruders will be further expanded, and environmental issues have gradually become a public topic. Therefore, the words "energy conservation" and "environmental protection" have become very "fashionable". At this year's two sessions, ecological environmental protection and sustainable development have become the themes of the two sessions. The content of the "No. 1 proposal" of the CPPCC National Committee is to talk about low-carbon environmental protection. Premier Wen Jiabao also pointed out in the government work report that we should vigorously develop energy conservation and environmental protection industries

in this social situation, Xinyi Glass always grasps the artery of low-carbon economy and actively strives to explore strategies for energy conservation and environmental protection. As a new high-efficiency product of Xinyi photovoltaic glass, AR photovoltaic glass is widely used in the field of solar cells, solar water heaters and other components. This product is obtained by coating a layer of AR film on the surface of high permeability ultra white solar glass and then tempering. The AR film is based on the advanced nano porous silica technology. By controlling the size and stacking morphology of silica particles, porous nano materials with uniform nano scale distribution are obtained on the surface of ultra white glass, so that the reflectivity of the film is reduced to about 1%, so as to improve the solar transmittance and ultimately improve the conversion efficiency of solar modules. Therefore, while providing the best performance ar photovoltaic glass for module factories, it also indirectly plays a positive role in saving electric energy and reducing emissions for end consumers in the application of solar products

the inherent superior performance of Xinyi ar photovoltaic glass plays an important role in the tide of energy conservation and environmental protection

1. Ar photovoltaic glass adopts the glass formula with low iron content, which has higher transmittance and can effectively improve the conversion efficiency of solar modules

2. The glass surface adopts the 3.4 product marking mechanism of nano materials to form a high-efficiency antireflection film, which improves the transmittance by 2 compared with the uncoated glass. 4%;

3. The surface of the glass is fluffy, changing the specular reflection into diffuse reflection, reducing the environmental light pollution and achieving the effect of environmental protection

4. After high temperature tempering treatment, AR film is firmly bonded with glass

5. In the harsh outdoor environment, the AR film has strong acid and alkaline resistance, and there is no obvious change in the AR film after soaking in 10% H2SO4 solution for 48 hours

6. After 2000 hours of aging resistance test, the AR film has no change, and its service life can reach more than 25 years

7. Ar film has self-cleaning function, which can decompose organic pollutants attached to the surface of components and reduce component maintenance

8. The AR film has less light absorption, which will not affect the development of key new materials and the preparation and demonstration of major engineering implementation schemes while reducing reflection

Xinyi ar photovoltaic glass meets the market demand and can provide products, services and solutions with a thickness of 3mm-10mm and a conventional thickness of 3 according to different customers' needs. 2/4。 0mm, 2100mm long and 1600mm wide ar photovoltaic glass with the maximum size

about Xinyi Glass

Xinyi Group (glass) Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, has more than 10000 employees and is one of the major manufacturers in the global glass industry chain. Xinyi Glass is committed to providing customers with products, services and solutions that meet their needs, and creating long-term value and potential growth for customers and partners

Xinyi Glass products and solutions cover the fields of float glass, ultra white photovoltaic glass, automotive glass and architectural glass. With flexible supply chain capacity, reasonable production costs, one-stop supply mode and professional logistics channels, our products are delivered to customers all over the world

the products and solutions of Xinyi Glass have been applied in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and have been incorporated into the global supplier system by vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, general motors and Volkswagen, and have formed long-term strategic partnership with national independent brands such as Chery, Yutong and Foton

Xinyi Glass has ranked first in China's automotive glass exports for four consecutive years, accounting for more than 18% of the global automotive glass replacement market, and more than 10% of China's Low-E energy-saving building glass market. Its production capacity of automotive windshield glass ranks first in China. At present, Xinyi Glass has become the information and communication center of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games__ The landmark buildings in large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad, such as digital Beijing Building, Guangzhou Victoria building, Shenzhen excellence Times Square, Singapore Bio Valley, provide high-quality architectural glass products

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