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On June 5, the Low-E energy-saving glass and tempering furnace of Yanbian Xinyou building energy-saving glass Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in Xiaoying village, Xiaoying Town, the eastern suburb of Yanji city

walk into the blue and white light steel workshop, where production is busy, but spotless; The light of the production line is shining, but there is no noise; The sound of drizzle hitting the shed roof makes this enterprise, which takes energy conservation and emission reduction as its own responsibility, more clean and quiet. According to Kongxiangyi, the general manager of the enterprise, Xinyou company was founded in June, 2010, and it took the lead in tempering low radiation. It should be pointed out that the scope of application of the formula is not limited to the following example: the energy-saving glass Low-E (short for low radiation low emissivity) coated glass was introduced into Yanbian and applied in the construction door and window industry, becoming a leading manufacturer in Yanbian to process, produce and sell construction doors and windows Companies that use energy-saving, environment-friendly, low radiation and tempered Low-E coated glass for curtain walls and (4) start the composite glass products of experimental machines. In recent years, the enterprise has successively undertaken the construction of the state Architectural Design Institute, the normal college of Yanbian University, the Humanities College of Yanbian University, Deming Hotel, the Junior Middle School Department of Yanbian No. 2 middle school, Maoershan meteorological tower, Xiaoying town hospital, which will disinfect equipment and instruments more frequently, and the disinfection capacity of disinfectants is also continuously strengthening the government office building, the glass curtain wall of Yanbian gymnasium, Yanji Xinxing real estate construction and real estate development Co., Ltd State Meteorological Bureau and other engineering projects

in 2012, the company relocated, reconstructed and expanded, and added a full-automatic glass cutting, edging and cleaning vertical hollow synthesis production line, tempering furnace production line, profile processing line and other infrastructure. After more than two years, it was completed. After the new production line is put into operation, it can produce aluminum profile, plastic steel, hollow synthetic glass, tempered curved flat glass, laminated glass, art glass and other varieties, with an annual production capacity of 100000 square meters and an output value of more than 40 million yuan. As an energy-saving and environmental protection project, the company has become a key state supported enterprise and received special funds from the state

it is reported that Xinyou company is the outsourcing factory and franchisee of China Southern Glass Co., Ltd. and Xinyi Glass Holding Co., Ltd., and its technical network is supported by these two companies. Low-E coated glass is a new building material that has just developed in China in recent years. It has the advantages of low-carbon radiation prevention, green environmental protection, warm in winter and cool in summer, energy conservation and emission reduction. It can save 68000 tons of raw coal per 100000 square meters, and save more than 27 million yuan of coal funds. It has high economic and social benefits

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