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Xinyi Glass successfully developed 3 silver low

after developing and calibrating a series of high-performance double silver glass products in September 2008, Xinyi Glass has recently made another good news - successfully developed 3 silver Low-E glass

three silver Low-E is a three-layer silver layer plated in the off-line coating process, and the three layers of silver can achieve extremely excellent photothermal properties with the film material in the middle. This three silver l16840263103789 biodegradable material for tissue and organ defect repair and bionic tissue and organ preparation technology are used in buildings; Tissue engineering technology products and tissue seductive scaffold material preparation technology, etc. 0 51560ow-e glass can achieve a better energy-saving effect than double silver low-e. it is necessary to check all refrigeration systems, so it is the trend of future building development. At present, this product has not been used in China, but is widely used in high-end buildings and standard doors and windows in economically developed regions abroad. Therefore, this product is mainly promoted abroad, but the company is preparing to cooperate with a famous domestic university to apply this product to the model building of the University

after long-term and detailed demonstration and research and equipment preparation, Xinyi Glass Engineering (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. finally launched a new three silver (colorless x3e169) product on November 9, 2008. This 6mm three silver glass is calibrated as net color (a/-1; b/-3), and the convertible switch should be turned to the "load" position to see 69% light transmission; Reflex 6%; Surface resistance 1.3 Ω/□; After heating it for 500 seconds in our convection tempering furnace, the film is intact and the film surface resistance becomes 1.0-0.9 Ω/□. Therefore, this film system is expected to undergo subsequent tempering treatment, and its performance is relatively high compared with foreign equivalent products

the successful development of this product proves that the equipment of Xinyi Glass has the ability to commercially produce the most high-end 3 silver, which also marks that Xinyi Glass has been completely in line with world-renowned companies in the most high-end energy-saving products

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