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Three wind power plants of Xinyi Glass will be located in Anhui by 2020. According to the financial news agency, Xinyi Glass (4.61, 0.01, 0.22%, real-time market) (00868) announced that it had entered into an investment framework agreement for wind power plant projects with the people's Government of Jinzhai County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province. After being approved by the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission, an Ziqiang PGA is the hardest, The group will invest and operate three wind power plants with a total power generation of up to 300 MW at different locations in Jinzhai County

the Group believes that the wind power plant project can expand its environmental protection rectification and energy-saving product business to renewable energy business. The group also believes that the demand for wind energy (as an alternative energy source for fossil fuels) in China will continue to increase with the awareness of pollution problems related to the use of other energy sources. Compared with coal, natural gas or fossil fuel power plants, onshore wind power plants can provide a cheap source of electricity. The Group believes that this business diversification strategy in the renewable energy field will be beneficial to the future business development of the group and the shareholders as a whole

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