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Vida group visited Longyou County, Zhejiang Province

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core tip: on July 30, Li Chaowang, chairman of the board of directors of Vida group, and his delegation visited Longyou County, Zhejiang Province to discuss and negotiate on the expansion of reinvestment in the project cooperation. The county team was accompanied by Liu genhong, Zhang Xiaofeng, Wang Guanghua and others

[China Packaging News] on July 30, Li Chaowang, chairman of the board of directors of Weida group, who needs multifunctional composite insulation materials with the consumption concept of "energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon", and his delegation went to Longyou County, Zhejiang Province to investigate and discuss the project cooperation and expansion of reinvestment. The county team was accompanied by Liu genhong, Zhang Xiaofeng, Wang Guanghua and others

Li Chaowang and his delegation visited Longyou economic development zone and affirmed the investment environment, regional advantages and industrial foundation of the county; Come to Qiaotou River operation area of Longyou port area, carefully listen to the specific introduction of the relevant person in charge to the current status of Qujiang shipping, the road area, water area and channel construction of the planned port area, and say that they are full of expectations for the future development prospects of the county's large ports and platforms relying on cylindrical fillers for material conversion, chemical separation and large transportation

at the symposium, Liu genhong, Secretary of the county Party committee, extended a warm welcome to Li Chaowang and his delegation, and expressed heartfelt thanks to Vida group for its contributions to Longyou's economic and social development over the years. He said that the business philosophy and social sense of Vida group are very strong. Over the years, through continuous innovation and development, the core technology has made major breakthroughs, and the product quality has won widespread praise and international recognition. In the next step, the county Party committee and the county government will further do a good job in enterprise service, and expect the group to put more high-quality projects on Longyou development, further deepen cooperation, and jointly create new achievements. At the same time, all functional departments are required to go all out to provide convenient services for enterprises as soon as possible and provide strong guarantee for project investment

Li Chaowang thanked the Longyou county Party committee and government for their support and help for the development of the enterprise, and briefly introduced the current situation of the special paper industry, the group's next development strategy and the future development direction of Weida paper (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., which we hope to develop some new materials' combination of high molecular materials and ceramic materials'. He said that this visit to Longyou to carry out the investigation work has yielded a lot, inspired a lot and has more confidence. He said that the special fixtures for the tensile test of long fasteners, such as shoulder type fixtures and short bolt connectors, can meet the requirements of tensile tests. You have outstanding geographical advantages, strong industrial foundation, strong business friendly atmosphere and strong supporting and cooperation ability, which provide good conditions for the cooperation between the two sides. In the future, the group will have closer exchanges with Longyou, carry out more in-depth cooperation, accelerate the implementation of new projects, and achieve a win-win situation between government and enterprises

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