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This video connection with Huawei cloud welink of Hubei medical team made Shenzhen and Hubei heart to heart

on the morning of March 3, Shenzhen and Hubei had a dialogue across 1000 kilometers

the picture shows the scene of the video conference

Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, and Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen, expressed condolences, respect and gratitude to all the members of the medical team on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, learned about their work and physical conditions, and asked what difficulties they had, opinions and suggestions, Better solve the team members' worries that the manufacturing enterprises sometimes require suppliers' product standards to be higher than those stipulated by the law, and ensure that they are always in the best state to fight against the COVID-19

since the first batch of medical teams in Shenzhen to assist Hubei went out on February 9, there have been five medical teams in Shenzhen, with a total of 77 soldiers in white fighting in Hubei

in this connection, five medical teams were connected from Wuhan and Jingzhou through mobile terminals, and the communication bridge was built through Huawei cloud welink intelligent collaboration platform, which made the front-line medical workers truly feel that Amway materials flashed everywhere from their hometown

in the video, the team members are full of spirit, and their words reveal their confidence in overcoming the epidemic

5 medical teams connected to the scene

municipal leaders such as Wang Weizhong and Chen Rugui made requirements for many times in meetings and research, and they must protect, care for and cherish the medical staff fighting on the front line, take good care of their families and families, give priority to medical supplies to ensure the forefront of the anti epidemic, send daily necessities one-on-one to the door of their homes, implement various incentive policies, and spare no effort to solve the worries of the medical team members, Ensure that they are at ease and assured to fight the Wuhan and Hubei defense wars

the picture shows the Hubei venue at the scene. Huawei employees wear protective clothing to ensure network support

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of this connection, Huawei sent local network engineers to maintain and guarantee the network deployment of the venues in Shenzhen and Hubei in advance. Although there is a geographical distance, Huawei used its technical force to make care never absent

this thousand mile dialogue

also conveys the care and greetings of the people of Shenzhen

White clad soldiers on the front line of the fight against the epidemic

when the spring is warm and the mountains and rivers are all right,

we welcome you to triumph in Shenzhen

the picture shows the video conference site

(some text sources: Shenzhen Special Zone News, Shenzhen satellite TV)

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