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Vida group: follow the trend of healthy consumption and strengthen the experience of products and services

release date: Source: Phoenix

on March 19, the relevant person in charge of Vida group was interviewed by Phoenix on the impact of the COVID-19 on the health care products industry, the experience gained by enterprises in the process of collaborative social prevention and control, and the future development strategy of the industry. She said that during the epidemic period, Vader group not only deployed necessary materials to support the front line, but also overcame many difficulties to achieve a safe and orderly resumption of work and production and stabilize market supply. As for the future trend, she pointed out that the epidemic has strengthened the health habits of the whole people, and the demand for sanitary products will increase accordingly; At the channel level, online consumption has become more active, and the boundaries of online and offline consumption have become increasingly blurred

the following is the interview record:

Phoenix: what impact does the epidemic have on your enterprise

Vida group: in epidemic prevention and control, the primary task of Vida group is to ensure supply, price and quality. Among them, many Vida people are "retrograde", participating in the formulation of protection strategies, searching for and purchasing protective materials such as masks, and arranging the donation of various sanitary products such as sterile wipes, adult diapers, trouser type sanitary towels, hand sanitizer, paper towels and other materials at the first time. The Veda "rebels" in Hubei have always rushed to the front line, scheduling inventory to ensure the smooth delivery of scarce materials. While stabilizing market supply, we should implement donations, ensure quality and quantity, and smooth logistics

Phoenix: during the epidemic prevention and control period, what measures did your company take to help the epidemic area and society respond

Vida group: first, make donations to fight the epidemic. Vida focuses on advantageous fields and gives full play to its industry advantages to fight against the epidemic. From January 25 to March 11, Vida Group donated materials to support the front line. Donated 3000 boxes of Vader sterilization wipes to the center for Disease Control and prevention of Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province; Nearly 1000 boxes of Tianning adult diapers, a brand of adult incontinence care, were donated and sent to the front-line anti epidemic positions in Hubei. It is one of the first brands to pay attention to the needs of nursing homes and other special places. At the same time, the team of high-end female nursing brand libresse Weier donated 600 boxes of 36000 pieces of libresse Weier pants sanitary napkins to Xiehe and other hospitals by means of special delivery, which is also the first batch of brands that pay attention to the menstrual supplies needs of front-line female doctors and nurses. In addition, the development foundation, together with many e-commerce giants and celebrities, has also launched love donations

not only that, Vader's B2B commercial business also provides professional public cleaning and hygiene solutions for hospitals such as Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain, and cooperates with its professional cleaning and hygiene brands Vader commercial and Vader DUOKANG's toilet paper, roll paper, dispenser paper rack and other products, Provide front-line medical staff and patients with clean, sanitary and blond hair technology, which is suitable for the development of new materials for thin-walled bumpers and glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 formed by MuCell

at present, the most important thing is to return to work in an orderly manner, do a good job in epidemic prevention, and make every effort to serve the needs of life. Therefore, before resuming work, Vida group carried out comprehensive and professional disinfection of the factory, widely publicized epidemic prevention methods, purchased disposable tableware, prepared for the peak staggering and single person independent dining mode after resuming work, and set up safety disinfection "inspection" checkpoints for employees in advance to ensure health. After returning to work, Vida set up temperature measurement areas and other monitoring areas, repeatedly emphasized the importance of frequent hand washing, more ventilation, wearing masks, and refusing to pile up, and strictly required and supervised employees to implement the standards. In addition, the whole factory is under closed management, and every person entering the factory is strictly subject to safety inspection. On February 10, a total of 9 factories of Vida group across the country have resumed work in an orderly manner, most of the employees have arrived on duty as planned, and the production line has resumed normal operation. The safe and orderly resumption of work and production provides a solid, safe, secure and efficient working environment for employees, ensures the comprehensive recovery of production capacity, and realizes the "double guarantee" of epidemic prevention and anti epidemic and the resumption of operation and production

during the resumption of work and production of Vida group, many thoughtful measures have been taken. For example, pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, provide psychological services, and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control of project sites and expatriates in Hubei and other places, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of each employee to the greatest extent

it is worth mentioning that Vida has applied intelligent development in advance to carry out long-term layout. Vida is the first household paper enterprise in China to build an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse. From procurement, manufacturing, production, post-processing, warehousing, etc., Vader jointly uses multiple intelligent platforms to realize fully automated operation through the construction of informatization, which not only reduces the labor intensity of employees, but also greatly improves work efficiency, and effectively responds to the rapid development of e-commerce and other channels. When encountering the sudden attack of the epidemic, Vida can also immediately use the intelligent office data to show that the automotive industry has become one of the fastest growing areas of plastic demand, such as public and cloud office, to achieve the resumption of work and production

Phoenix: Based on the current situation and potential impact of the epidemic, how does your company respond? Do you see any turnaround and potential development opportunities

The electrolyte is a mixture of sulfuric acid and vanadium

Vida group: with the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for health and hygiene cleaning products has increased significantly. We believe that this is not a business opportunity, but a public health issue. At the performance press conference on January 22, we made it clear. During the epidemic period, Vida's continuous investment in public welfare stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, supported the government's work, and did a good job in management and prevention within its capabilities

in the reports of authoritative media such as Phoenix, many consumers gradually learned that it takes a long time for medical staff to take off and change protective clothing. In order to race against time, avoid waste of protective clothing and reduce the chance of infection, medical staff often cannot go to the toilet for a long time. Thus, a category that is usually easy to be ignored began to be concerned by people: adult diapers. Adult diapers, which target incontinence patients, mainly the elderly, are rarely paid attention to by the public. In the eyes of the outside world, they are a traditional and unimaginative subdivision. At the critical moment, Tianning adult diapers under Vader came in handy. Because it is specially designed to absorb urine, it has the advantages of large absorption, easy to wear and take off, and skin protection. In the fight against the epidemic, it shows its social and commercial value, and has become one of the emergency equipment for front-line medical staff and patients

in fact, with the rapid development of the global aging trend, the size of the adult diaper market is growing. With the acceleration of China's social aging and the general trend of China's household consumption upgrading, the market space of China's adult diaper industry is also expanding

in addition, Vida group, which already has production strength in the field of health, decided to deepen the production base at the early stage of the epidemic, actively cooperate with the needs of epidemic prevention and control in the location of 10 production plants nationwide, and flexibly arrange the development of automated and semi automated mask production lines. At present, the mask production lines in Longyou, Zhejiang and Jiangmen, Guangdong have been put into operation, and the mask products in the first phase will fully support the government's prevention and control of the epidemic

with the development of economy and technology, the production focus of Vader has shifted to scientific research and innovation. As early as 2016, Vader set up an innovative R & D center in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, which serves all major categories of the group, integrates global advantageous resources, introduces international high-quality resources to China, and serves Chinese consumers. The R & D center has a product safety team, a product innovation team, a product development team, a raw material development team, and a laboratory team. This enables Vader to do a good job in consumer demand research, data collection and market analysis in advance in the process of developing new category services, overcome technical difficulties in a short time, quickly respond to changes, speed up product technology upgrading, meet market demand, and put new categories into production as soon as possible

Phoenix: how should your company Contact consumers now and in the future? What changes will be made to the existing development, operation and marketing models

Vida group: it can be seen that the epidemic has strengthened the health habits of the whole people, and the demand for sanitary products such as masks, wipes, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and so on will increase accordingly. At the channel level, online consumption is active, and the boundaries of online and offline consumption are becoming increasingly blurred

as an enterprise rooted in China, Vida group firmly believes that the epidemic will be overcome and the vitality of the market will be activated again. We will also seize the consumption trend, link online and offline channels, and bring more products and better service experience to consumers

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