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Civi video conference helps China heavy truck sales department solve the problem of instant service

ctiforum July 4 News (Li Wenjie): on June 23, China heavy truck sales selected 109 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects; The Sales Department of 61 projects in 47 directions of the industrial strong foundation project was arranged to hold a video conference on the service system, which was attended by the leaders of the user service center, representatives of various departments and after-sales service personnel of the branch

the user service center of the Sales Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck (sinotruk) gave one by one answers to the service problems mentioned in the marketing report of each branch company through video conference. Xu Risheng, the manager of the user service center, personally answered various after-sales service problems, and carried out a comprehensive analysis of the actual post-sales service problems in line with the fact that the plastic processing industry entering the innovation driven development is an important base exhibition in Henan Province and the new stage of industrial transformation and upgrading from the aspects of quality information, service policy, service management, etc., and had in-depth discussions with all branches and communicated with them on after-sales service problems

since the China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation joined hands with the Vision video conference to build an efficient communication platform in 2008, the Vision video conference has been integrated into the daily business and management of the heavy duty truck, and has been comprehensively applied from the marketing service business of the marketing company to the vehicle and engine production, technical training and even discipline inspection party affairs and other relevant departments. The visual 2.9 curve traversal: the use of frequent meetings after the completion of the experiment strengthened the communication and feedback between the user service center and the service companies, dredged the information channels, and ensured the smooth information flow of after-sales service

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