The hottest vice president of Foxconn won the robo

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Foxconn vice president won the robot award

for those who don't know, Joseph f. engelberger is considered to be the father of robots. He is an American physicist, engineer and entrepreneur. He developed the first industrial robot in the United States: unimate in the 1950s

since 1977, the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) has awarded the industry's highest honor, the ingerberg robotics award, every year. The winners are those who have made outstanding contributions to robotics, technology development, application or education

this year's award is particularly meaningful because it is the first award awarded since ingerberg passed away on December 1, 2015

ria president Jeff "as long as 1 plastic is mixed with domestic waste, Jeff Bernstein" Said: I don't think this will be a dull event, but just to celebrate the achievements of ingerberg and the development of robot technology

burnstein continued: in order to continue to respect the tradition of ingerberg, we are honored to add two well deserved people to the list of outstanding people who have had a great impact on the robot industry. We are pleased to present the ingerberg prize to Dr. Chia day and Dr. Dean Elkins this year in recognition of their achievements in robotics

Dr. day's award in the application category is due to his role in the continuous installation of 40000 robots in Foxconn manufacturing plants in the past four years, as well as his contribution to the success of the foxbot program

Foxconn's investment represents a major boom in the adoption of industrial robots in China's electronic assembly industry and (4) clamping experiments on experimental machines in the entire Chinese robot market

Dr. Dai said: This is like a lifetime achievement award, which recognizes the contribution to the field of robotics in his career. It is an honor to enter the 'hall of fame' with other major well-known leaders in this field

Dean Elkins won the award for his leadership in the field of robotics

Elkins' career in Motoman began in 1989 as a regional sales manager. He continues to serve as the third-party sales director, vice president of international standard products and vice president of U.S. sales

Elkins' career also includes the merger of Motoman subsidiaries, Yaskawa Motoman Mexico SA de CV, Yaskawa Motoman Canada, Ltd. and Yaskawa Motoman. Elkins previously worked in Reis robotics, Ellison robotics, cimcorp par systems and Hobart brothers

elkins is now the senior general manager of the Robotics Department of Yaskawa electric, which will have to deal with special problems in the future

Elkins said: even the idea mentioned in the same sentence as the past ingerberg winners is incredible. The award is the culmination of an incredible career in the robotics industry. People who are recognized by my industry colleagues as worthy of awards related to Joe and his heritage are simply inferior

d accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. Dr. ay and elkin's were selected by the relevant committees. These committees submitted suggestions to the former chairman of RIA and finally voted on the winners

Bernstein said: I have known Elkins for many years, and he has always been a person respected and respected by people all over the world. Dr. day has attracted most unknown Foxconn and turned it into one of the world's largest users of robotics. Many people from all over the world have won this award. These gentlemen are important supplements to the list

Bernstein emphasized that the continuous progress of robot technology research and development can not only help the United States and other countries remain competitive, but also bring great progress in the quality of life to people around the world

Bernstein said: when I read the headline that robotics will replace all jobs in the future, I will feel depressed. People all over the world should embrace this technology, because it can help us achieve great achievements, such as driverless cars and robot solutions that can help treat diseases. Robotics can expect many things. This should be seen as a huge opportunity, not a threat

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