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On November 2, 2017, the community correction administration of the Ministry of justice and the fatigue testing machine of the information center of the Ministry of justice held a symposium on the docking of remote video surveillance systems for community correction based on the principle of electromagnetic resonance. The meeting made specific arrangements for the docking of the community correction remote video supervision system, organized the participants to carefully discuss the requirements for the construction of the community correction remote video supervision system (Draft for comments), and clarified the objectives, tasks and requirements for the construction and docking of the community correction remote video supervision system. The meeting required all localities to further enhance the sense of urgency and sense of community correction information construction, strengthen leadership, scientific organization, and pay close attention to implementation, so as to ensure that the construction task of community correction remote video supervision system is completed on time, and make the management of community correction move forward to fine management

the community correction remote supervision system includes video conference system, video monitoring system, community correction business management system, information collection and other systems. It integrates video conference, remote monitoring, video education, monitoring and positioning of community prisoners, emergency disposal and other functions, and can realize the seamless connection of the community correction network of multi-level judicial administrative organs. Main functions:

(I) realize the dynamic supervision function. Through the community correction information management system set up in the platform, the daily dynamics of community correction personnel are closely supervised and monitored, providing strong support and reward and punishment basis for supervision, assistance and education

(II) realize information transmission function. Through the information-based office system in the platform, we can check, receive, and transmit all kinds of community correction information at any time, so as to provide a strong guarantee for daily information release, dissemination, legal publicity, and command and scheduling after emergencies

(III) realize data sharing function. Through the vertical and horizontal chain interface left in the platform, the relevant business departments at or above the municipal level, the subordinate judicial offices, the relevant member units of the district correction office, and the county and district judicial bureaus (township and street judicial offices) can realize the functions of information verification, information sharing, supervision and supervision, so as to effectively prevent the community correction personnel from getting out of control, missing management, and the dereliction of duty and malfeasance of staff

(IV) realize the function of distance education. Through the video conference system in the platform, the community correction personnel can carry out centralized inspection, centralized learning, psychological counseling, remote assistance and education, etc; Video conference can be held for daily work deployment and business training; For prisoners in prison, they can meet and communicate with their relatives and social helpers and educators through prison videos

(V) realize the command and scheduling function. After the occurrence of emergency events, through the application of various functions in the platform, master the first-hand information of emergency events, combined with the assistance of other platform data, realize remote consultation, emergency command and other functions, quickly handle emergencies, and understand real-time dynamics

(VI) complete other assigned work

as an important part of the remote supervision system of community correction, the video conference system can help the judicial department realize the real-time vertical or horizontal video and audio at the five levels of ministry, province, city, county and town. In addition to the known content, this interconnection greatly improves the emergency response ability and informatization level of community correction, and promotes the work of community correction to a new level

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