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Vicote coating helps United biscuit company save costs

downtime and maintenance in the food processing industry has a huge impact on productivity and costs. In particular, at present, processing plants tend to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. United Biscuits (UK) has recently used a new coating, which helps to significantly reduce the downtime caused by re brushing the pressure rollers and scrapers. These pressure rollers and scrapers should be replaced in time when they are used in the company; In biscuit production facilities in Halifax, West Yorkshire

the pressure roller is used to squeeze the coarse and viscous food mixture such as biscuit residue, and the scraper is used to scrape off the excess mixture on the pressure roller. A layer of stainless steel reinforced fluoropolymer coating is usually attached to the surface of the traditional press roll and scraper, while the new vicotef810blk coating is a brand-new coating series developed by Victrex polymer solutions under victrexplc based on victrexpeek polymer

through close cooperation with the production engineers of United Biscuits, metalcraft, a coating provider located in Accrington, Lancashire, UK, found that the use of vicote coating can prolong the service life of the press roll and blade. Today, United biscuit company has painted vicotef810blk coating that meets FDA standards for pressure rollers and scrapers. Its good wear resistance and demoulding performance have benefited the company a lot

garyhull, general manager of metalcraft, said, "With the permission of the engineers of United biscuit company, we used vicotef810blk coating for the press roll and scraper with a length of 1200 mm and a diameter of 355 mm, and the effect is very satisfactory. The coating used before has some problems, and with the development of new products, the factory needs a coating surface with improved performance. After using vicotef810blk, we don't need to use the coating again within six months. In addition, metalcraft company in a recent public During the holiday weekend, the pressure roller and scraper are coated again to further reduce the impact of shutdown maintenance on production. With the extension of service life and good performance, engineers of United biscuit began to consider using vicote paint for other parts. " According to coating technology and abstracts, vicote coating product series includes more than 30 different brands such as electrostatic spraying powder and water-based dispersion, many of which enhance wear resistance and demoulding property by adding additives. Vicote configuration problem in this application: three basic configurations of intelligence: host, microcomputer and printer. If the polarity light is on, the main advantage of f810blk coating is that it is a water-based liquid with extremely low solvent content, which is the key feature of coating providers seeking to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions

andrewstorm, sales director of wiggs polymer solutions division, said: "the uniqueness of wiggs material solutions is that we can customize high-performance polymers based on victrexpeek for customers to maximize the interests of customers. By cooperating with metalcraft, we can provide a practical, economical and time-saving solution for United Biscuits."

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