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Victrex launched Victrex wg101 thermoplastic blend material

nowadays, the automotive and industrial equipment industry has increasing requirements for material applications. Design engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking for more durable materials to meet these requirements. Therefore, Victrex polymer solutions, a branch of Victrex PLC in the UK, recently launched Victrex wg101 blends. The new wear-resistant composite material can meet the requirements of mechanical load and lubrication performance in harsh high temperature and chemical environment, and can also meet the needs of customers for economical processing and low-density materials

Victrex peek polymer materials used in friction and wear environments are mostly standard Victrex peek 450fc30 products. Compared with them, Victrex wg101 blends have significantly improved wear resistance and significantly reduced friction coefficient

James simmonite, new product manager of wiggs, explained: "Some customers have high requirements for wear resistance, and the ptfe/graphite/carbon fiber composition of Victrex peek 450fc30 sometimes cannot meet such performance requirements. The Victrex wg101 blend material we developed is designed to provide better solutions for customers who must manage according to standard materials. Manufacturing cost control and the ability to apply standard thermoplastic processing technology are the other two factors considered in the development process, which can be divided into simply supported beams Zigzag experiment and pure zigzag experiment. "

compared with the standard Victrex peek 450fc30, in addition to improving the wear resistance and reducing the friction coefficient, the compression strength of Victrex wg101 is also increased by 30%, and does not contain PTFE. Simmonite explained: "In the application of wear resistance, the phenomenon of too high compression load often occurs, and too high load will also affect the durability of products, which may lead to the creep of polymer materials, resulting in dimensional changes. Now the new blend materials we have introduced have higher compressive strength, which means that compared with the standard Victrex peek 450fc30 or other Victrex peek wear resistance brands, the components produced with this material have higher load bearing capacity Force. "

victrex WG 101 blends such as 1 ton or more have excellent mechanical, wear-resistant and thermal properties, and can be widely used in all plastic wear-resistant bushings, composite bushings, blade nozzles in vacuum pumps and other applications. The product also has many other advantages compared with the maximum tensile strength and tensile strength of the experimental data after the test data is obtained, such as good weld line strength and excellent melt fluidity. The latter can realize the design of complex thin-walled parts

simmonite said, "this new wear-resistant blend material has the characteristics of high performance, low density and suitable for standard injection molding, which extends the application scope of Victrex peek polymer material to the fields originally occupied by other products. In addition, Victrex wg101 blend material conforms to ROHS standard and meets the requirements of global automotive material standard (GADSL)."

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