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Video++ polar technology attends the 2018 AIIa AI Developer Conference

the 2018 AIIa AI developer conference was grandly held in Suzhou International Expo Center from October 15 to 16, 2018. Coo donghuizhi, co-founder of AI entertainment Unicorn enterprise video++ polar technology, was invited to attend, He also delivered a keynote speech on "fixture entertainment industry on AI enabled Xinwen experimental machine" at the main forum of the conference

video++ polar chain technology, founded in Shanghai in 2014, is an AI technology company with AI as the core and focusing on the new cultural and entertainment field, deeply engaged in the independent research and development of computer vision technology based on entertainment. After years of technical iteration and upgrading, the company has built technical barriers and achieved industry leadership. Its independently developed entertainment AI system videoai and AI interactive operating system videoos have been commercialized on a large scale and become the technical standard for video applications in the new entertainment field. The business matrix of the group includes AI scene marketing platform (ASMP), entertainment e-commerce, interactive entertainment, new IP themed business AI content audit platform (ACAP), etc

this AIIa AI developer conference is hosted by China AI Industry Development Alliance (AIIa), and co sponsored by China Institute of information and communications, machine heart, Zhejiang University, Baidu, Xiaomi, Huawei, Yi, Amazon, Daguan data, magnesium customer, etc. The theme of the main forum of this conference is infinite possibilities in the era of smart leadership. Well known figures in the AI industry at home and abroad, national government departments, top enterprises in the industry, representatives of well-known scholars, outstanding contribution teams and individuals of the open source community were invited to attend, to exchange the current situation and trends of technology, share ecological construction experience, and discuss the operation of the open source community

developers ● exchange servo speed regulation system is the core of the implementation and application of artificial intelligence technology. This meeting also provides all-round exchange and learning from technical discussion, practical training to investment and financing for developers of all levels at all stages from all aspects concerned by artificial intelligence developers. For AI technology development, COO donghuizhi, co-founder of video++ polar chain technology, said that AI technology needs to do nothing more than three levels: perception, automation and optimization. At present, AI stays at the level of two-way perception more. After doing automatic response on this basis, it is through machine continuous learning human response to make optimization. For video++ polar chain technology, this whole process is to structure video data through the self-developed videoai system, retrieve business opportunities in it, and then interact with user needs through the interactive operating system of videoos, and finally enable the scale automation of businesses from advertising to e-commerce, so as to optimize the intelligent pattern of the industry, and complete the AI technology to enable the new cultural and entertainment field, so as to bring more abundant More intelligent experience

it is reported that in addition to video++ polar chain technology co-founder &coo donghuizhi, the guests attending the conference also included Zheng Nanning, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Wei Qing, chief technology officer of Microsoft (China), Yu Kai, founder and chief scientist of spichi, cuibaoqiu, chief architect and vice president of artificial intelligence and cloud platform (3) steel trade market potential of Xiaomi, Zhao Yunfeng, founder and CEO of machine heart, Chai Xiangfei, CEO of Huiyi Huiying, etc, Celebrities from all AI fields gathered together, striving to share with AI developers from different angles, and bring participants a feast of AI developers with the most comprehensive coverage and the most in-depth professionalism

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