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The booming video conference market has attracted security manufacturers to compete for

from the establishment of China Telecom's first video conference Party and government specialist in China in 1994, to the sharp increase in the market demand for video conference system by Chinese government and enterprises after 2002, and then to the scale application of video conference system -- according to the prediction of relevant research institutions, during the period from 2002 to 2007, The video conference market in China will grow at a cumulative average annual growth rate of 29%, and its sales volume will reach 274 million US dollars in 2007. In China, video conference system has been mainly used in remote conference, but in recent years, video conference system has been gradually and often applied to the fields of financial customer service, electric power, railway, distance education, telemedicine, remote manufacturing, production and maintenance assistance, hotel video conference services and so on

the huge development potential and expandable space of China's video conference system market "tempts" many well-known IT and security manufacturers at home and abroad to pay attention, such as it giants Microsoft, HP, Cisco, etc. have joined the market and made great efforts, while some domestic professional video conference system manufacturers have gradually expanded, and the video conference industry shows a prosperous scene

with the vigorous rise of video conferencing in China in recent years, and because the employees of Chinese enterprises have always burst into vitality, the uniqueness of the Chinese market has put forward higher requirements for the openness, security, compatibility and adaptability of products. According to the analysis of relevant insiders, domestic manufacturers of professional hardware for video conferencing systems, such as Huawei, ZTE, Kodak, etc., are rooted in the Chinese market, can well understand and grasp the characteristics and psychology of the government and enterprises' demand for video conferencing systems, and they have advanced network video technology and good technical support service network, so they have obvious advantages in "segmenting" the domestic video conferencing market

although the spring of China's video conference industry has arrived, at present, domestic security manufacturers are only concerned about the spring of coating inorganic sand paddles on both sides of flammable polyurethane, and have not really set foot in the production field of video conference system. According to Liu Zhiqiang, manager of the marketing department of Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd., which was presented to the public layer by layer, the main reason is that although some domestic security manufacturers master advanced network video monitoring technology, they may not be willing to invest too much money and energy for security manufacturers because of the high technical requirements of video conference system and the requirements of manufacturers to master control protocols and standards, To solve the problem of integration between network video monitoring technology and video conference system product technology, so as to get involved in the video conference industry

relevant experts said that for some security manufacturers, under such a huge market temptation, I believe they will not take it lightly. In fact, they have also been paying close attention to the video conference market. As long as they master the mature technical conditions and through certain market traction, security manufacturers will soon enter the video conference industry. Security knowledge

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