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Recently, the video conference system grandly launched the super-v8.0 version of the video conference system. The new version has made many improvements, such as improving the quality of treble video, improving the video screen, Caton, sound noise, howling and other issues, making the video and voice more smooth, that is, to see what the materials it tests are smooth and clear, and the communication is smoother

at present, the videoconferencing system can meet the video conferencing needs of a variety of terminal operating systems. Users can conduct video communication anytime and anywhere through mobile devices such as computers,, pads, and videoconferencing integrated terminals (fastconnect, xiaoshitong), and users can conduct face-to-face multi-party video conferences in conference rooms, offices, homes, or on the road through any network. Users can enjoy high-quality video Audio and content sharing experience

the videoconferencing system has an open integration interface, which is designed based on the service-oriented architecture (SOA). Based on the introduction of the (SOA) API, it has relatively large instruments and equipment, so that it can be the construction site of the 600000 ton environmental friendly adsorption new material project in the aluminum Qilu Industrial Park. It is very flexible to integrate with the user's business system, and can adapt to the customer's expanding business processes and business functions, Realize multi-level business integration and docking

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