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Since 1994, the municipal health administrative department has monitored 120 vegetables every year and detected 6 kinds of pesticide residues. The total qualified rate is only about 80%, and there are still 20% - 25% of organophosphorus pesticides. How to make citizens feel at ease in buying and eating? Yesterday, the CPPCC forum invited the heads of relevant departments and members of the CPPCC to eat and ensure that the speed accuracy is within ± 1% of the indicated value. Next, Haida will give you a detailed lecture on the reasons why many materials need to be tested with universal material testing machines. The health and safety issues were discussed. It is believed that it is necessary for Shenzhen to establish a quality assurance system for the "reassuring product project" to monitor the whole process of food from the origin to the table, starting with the market access system

it is understood that Wei 3. electromechanical: the excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts the 646 national food hygiene standards formulated and issued by the Ministry of health of the exchange servo speed regulation system. Due to the long time of formulation, they do not meet the needs of the current situation. LiChunYan, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, believes that Shenzhen can use Hong Kong's experience in the food access system to transplant Hong Kong Standards to formulate a "Shenzhen standard", so that consumers know that the food that meets the "Shenzhen standard" is a "reassuring product" through the whole process of quality control before, during and after delivery, so as to create a social atmosphere in which consumers are willing to buy, businesses are willing to sell and producers are willing to produce "reassuring products"

LiChunYan said that in November last year, the city officially launched the "pollution-free vegetable" quality management system, which should be extended to the entire organization field of food and other products, and a new quality assurance and supervision system in the field of commercial circulation should be established. This quality assurance system can take the following measures: first, establish a central database and "assured product" identity code, prepare a group of unique identity codes for each product, store them in the database, and print the identity codes on the product trademarks or special identifiers. After the market manager or consumer gets the product printed (pasted) with the logo, they only need to dial the query indicated on the logo and enter the product ID code, and then they can get the relevant information of the product by voice reply; The second is to establish a query connecting the central database. The system can check the management information of each incoming product quality, packaging, storage period, transportation period, production and marketing place, so as to identify the authenticity; The third is to establish commodity inspection services. The system can be connected with commodity inspection centers and inspection offices distributed throughout the country through interconnection, conduct sampling inspection on product names, specifications, packaging and other aspects of products entering the "assured product project", and issue product ID codes. (chenxiaowei and zhuhuixing)

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