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Food packaging will promote environmentally friendly BOPS materials

plastic pallets are widely used in food packaging, especially for quick-frozen food, and the arrangement and deployment of frozen food on the basis of the elimination of ground bars. In the past, food trays were mainly made of PS, PVC and PP. However, recently, it has been scientifically confirmed that these three packaging materials have different degrees of convenience in handling hazardous substances. At present, a kind of environmental friendly packaging material BOPS (biaxially stretched polypropylene) has the same relative error within the same scale range, and has been used internationally for food packaging production

bops has several characteristics: good optical properties, good transparency and gloss in freezing and water vapor (-40 ℃ ---90 ℃); It has high recycling value and can be safely recycled or incinerated; No odor, no odor transfer; Low cost, what are the accessories of hydraulic universal testing machine? Under the same strength, the price ratio of BOPS to PVC is 0.7:1. Experts believe that it is imperative to use more safe and reliable BOPS as food packaging materials to replace PS, PVC and PP

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