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Rumors about food safety are rife. Detection instruments and meters have brought to light for consumers.

oats are carcinogenic, salt is toxic, and a dozen dollars a roast duck is a hormone duck. Crayfish live in sewage and eat household garbage... These shocking articles are popular in the circle of friends and microblogs from time to time, causing people's panic

according to relevant data, food safety information accounts for 45% of the rumors. In order to eliminate these rumors, China has also specially established the "China Food rumor refutation alliance" to sort out and analyze the rumors and spread correct food safety knowledge. However, food safety rumors often have a very fast spread speed and a very large spread range

part of the reason for the spread of rumors is that people lack knowledge of food safety and do not fully understand the status of food testing instruments. Only through the identification of testing instruments can we prove whether the food is safe

generally, the instrument determines the safety of food through the analysis of trace elements, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, mycotoxins, food additives and other harmful substances that are not easy to be separated according to the general composition of food. At present, the common detection instruments mainly include: spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, electrochemical analyzer, atomic absorption spectrometer, gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatograph, etc

food is the most important thing for the people, and food safety is the first. In order to ensure food safety and popularize food safety knowledge, China is also making people enjoy food testing services conveniently and quickly through a variety of ways. The establishment of food safety inspection agencies is one of the most common ways

safety testing institutions are generally equipped with large-scale professional testing instruments. When people have concerns about food safety, they can entrust food safety inspection agencies with inspection. The testing agency will comprehensively use scientific methods and professional technology to detect the food safety that is prone to damage and issue a test report, so as to assess whether the product meets the quality, safety, performance and regulatory standards required by the government, industry and users

in addition to professional testing institutions, China has also built rapid testing rooms or mobile testing platforms in large-scale farmers' markets across the country. The farmers' market is the most important "vegetable basket" and "rice bag" for the people. The quick inspection and full coverage project has effectively purified the edible agricultural product market, so that people can carry out effective food inspection around, and ensured the "table safety" of the people

at present, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other regions have established mobile detection platforms and rapid detection rooms in the farmers' markets under their jurisdiction. The detection results can be directly announced on the spot, directly allowing every consumer to supervise food safety

on the basis of building instrument testing institutions and quick testing centers, China is also stepping up the research and development of new portable testing instruments, so that people can directly test food at hand and uncover the true nature of rumors. At the finals of the 2018 Microsoft "innovation cup" held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province this year, a team brought a handheld intelligent spectrometer. Spectral detection is not only non-destructive, but also can directly produce results. At present, the detection of meat floss and other foods has been completed. With the continuous development of technology, this is because there are problems in the selection of accessories for the experimental machine. In the future, consumers may be able to directly test food at home

food safety is a top priority in people's lives. Consumers must improve their safety awareness. At the same time, they should not blindly believe rumors, but use detection instruments in time. For the manufacturers of testing instruments and meters in China, they must take on their own responsibilities and constantly study new technology food for identification. Some adopt ordinary belts to drive, so as to ensure people's food safety and promote their own development

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