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Food safety problems are emerging one after another, and counterfeits are frequently detected. The staff are operating an HPLC spectrometer. It can play a great role in the detection of active ingredients and harmful substance residues in food and drugs

Sudan red, peacock green, "hair soy sauce" and "leather milk"... These are "hot" words with the emergence of food safety issues. Amino acid analyzer, protein analyzer, liquid chromatograph... These are instruments and equipment that many people have never heard of. The relationship between the two is "close" - the latter is the weapon to crack the former

nowadays, the counterfeiters can be called "scientists", followed by a group of real scientists. When the means of counterfeiting are used everywhere and become more and more shocking, their task is to carefully detect and crack them in time

the office building of the analysis and testing center of the autonomous region, located in Xinghu Road, Nanning City, has a modest appearance. However, in this 7-story building, five laboratories and advanced instruments and equipment worth more than 40million yuan operate every day. The unit is subordinate to the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region. Almost all the staff here are scientific and technological personnel: most of them are from food, biological science and environmental monitoring. The food, health care products, or soil, air, and water in our eyes have been disassembled into molecules, atoms, and even genes, and magnified under the instrument every day

"food, clothing, housing and transportation are related to chemistry, so we can conduct analysis and detection." Yekaifu, the director of the center, introduced that the role of the laboratory in the analysis and testing center is to test the chemical components contained in another external test item as the number of times of use increases

if it's easy to understand - if you suspect that you have bought "problem milk powder" and fake honey, you can send it to the biochemical room and ask the inspectors to help you test the ingredients. After analysis, they can tell you whether the proportion of nutrients in it meets the standards of 6. Ergonomics and external design meet the standards of qualified milk powder and honey; For example, whether the soil and water quality are polluted, whether the cadmium in rice exceeds the standard, and the inorganic room can check the pollution of secondary heavy metals; The full-automatic gene analyzer and fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument in the microbiology room can judge whether the tested object is genetically modified food or whether there are pathogenic bacteria in the food, which can play a great role in food pollution accidents

these three laboratories have basically completed the whole process of food safety detection: whether the environment at the source exceeds the standard, whether the production process is added, and whether the final product is polluted

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