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Food plastics should be kept away from high temperature it is reported that the use of plastic products in Wal Mart's plastic drawer cloth steamed buns has suddenly been pushed into the public's view. Therefore, a wide variety of plastics have been investigated. The plastic varieties related to food and common in the market mainly involve five categories

it is understood that plastics are classified according to their uses, processing methods, etc. The plastics we usually use include high molecular polymers or synthetic resins, as well as various additives to improve the properties of plastics, such as fillers, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, colorants, etc. The safety of plastic products is directly related to their ingredients. People must see clearly when purchasing and using plastic products

large categories of food related plastic products

polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used to produce mineral water bottles and beverage bottles

polyethylene (PE) is used to produce food bags and fresh-keeping films

polypropylene (PP) is used to produce microwave oven lunch boxes

polycarbonate resin (PC) is used to produce water bottles, water cups and milk bottles

polystyrene (PS) is used to produce fast food boxes Barreled instant noodle box

experts analyze that bacteria breeding beverage bottles can not be used as cups

haofengtong, chief physician of the occupational disease department of Chaoyang Hospital, introduced that polyethylene terephthalate plastic is used for mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles. It is heat-resistant to 65 ℃ and cold resistant to -20 ℃. It is suitable for warm drinks or normal temperature drinks, and it is easy to deform when heated

studies have shown that the change-over switch should be turned to the loading position. After 10 months of continuous use, the beverage bottle may release plasticizer. Therefore, it should not be used as a water container, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria under high temperature in summer

the fresh-keeping film for heated food should be removed first.

polyethylene and polypropylene are volatile, and generally there is no residue problem. Experts said that food grade low-density polyethylene is safe under normal temperature when it is used for food packaging such as fresh-keeping film. However, if the temperature exceeds 110 ℃, hot melting will occur and harmful substances may be separated out. In particular, when food is wrapped with fresh-keeping film for heating, the oil in the food is easy to dissolve the harmful substances in the fresh-keeping film. Therefore, to heat food in a microwave oven, you need to remove the preservative film first

the microwave oven lunch box cover is not resistant to high temperature

polypropylene microwave oven lunch box is the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven for heating. However, it should be noted that some microwave oven lunch boxes are made of polypropylene power supply: 110v/220v, 60/50hz propylene, but the box cover is made of polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET). Because pet cannot withstand high temperature, it cannot be put into the microwave oven together with the box for heating. Haofengtong reminds me

PVC is carcinogenic and cannot package food

at the same time, PVC plastic (PVC) may release some toxic substances in contact with fat in food or under high temperature conditions, which will have adverse effects on human nervous system, liver and vascular system under certain dose conditions, and PVC has definite carcinogenic effect. Therefore, PVC plastic can not be used for food packaging

explanation of life

is it harmful to drink water with plastic cups

plastic cups are the first choice for many white-collar workers because they are light to use. In summer, people drink more water and the use frequency of plastic cups increases, but some chemicals will be released from the plastic cups after heating. The plastic surface looks smooth, but in fact there are many gaps, which are easy to hide dirt. In the office, people only wash the cups with clean water. If the cups are not thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it is very easy to breed bacteria

at the same time, the plastic cup will absorb more dust, bacteria and germs under the influence of static electricity such as computers and chassis, which will affect health for a long time

in addition, many people use space cups to make tea. When the temperature is high, bisphenol A is easy to release. It should also be noted that mineral water bottles that are too transparent may also contain bisphenol A. The higher the temperature, the faster the release of BPA in PC. Therefore, do not use a PC water bottle to hold hot water

is the plastic microwave box safe

whether the plastic microwave box is safe depends on the material and the heating temperature. Microwave heating is not recommended for too long. The method is to thicken the oil with a long viscosity. In case of sterilization, it is generally allowed to reach ℃. Therefore, the microwave plastic box must be made of materials that can withstand 100 ℃ temperature and do not emit harmful gas by rotating the hand wheel. So if you stew with microwave for a long time, the glass box is more reassuring. Fanzhihong, associate professor of nutrition and food safety department of Food College of China Agricultural University, suggested

is it safe to clean

experts say that if citizens buy plastic products numbered 7, they can wash them with baking soda and warm water before the first use and dry them naturally at room temperature. Because bisphenol A will release more when used for the first time and for a long time, do not heat it after use. Do not wash and dry it with a dishwasher or dryer. Do not direct it in the sun

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