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The fast food inspection vehicle is equipped with portable Raman spectrometer and other instruments to help control food risks from the source. The fast food safety inspection vehicle flows here, which can not only quickly detect the additions in food. In view of the above conditions, the author thinks that the following adjustments should be made: agents and residues, to help residents select healthy and hygienic food, but also to monitor the safety of the food market through regular or irregular tours, Play a certain early warning role

September 4. Hammer handle strength testing machine: on September 3, it was learned from Jianshi food and drug administration that Dongfeng Yufeng and Hubei food and Drug Administration successfully held the delivery ceremony of the second batch of food rapid inspection vehicles in Xiangyang. In the afternoon of the same day, the first food inspection vehicle safely arrived at the food and Drug Administration of Jianshi County. This vehicle is the first food inspection vehicle in our county. Since then, there has been a mobile food safety testing laboratory in our county

it is understood that this food rapid detection vehicle is equipped with portable Raman spectrometer, portable residual chlorine meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, food safety rapid detection box, portable mycotoxin rapid detector, centrifuge, ultrasonic cleaner, electronic balance, moisture detector and other categories. It can quickly detect pesticide residues, heavy metals, leptin and other substances, It can meet the on-site rapid detection of thousands of detection indicators for microbial pathogens, heavy metals, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, purified water and other foods. All detection items can be completed within 30 minutes, most of which can be completed within minutes. This makes the sampling more scientific, reduces the data error generated in the sample sending process, avoids the pollution in the transportation process, and can control the food risk from the source

in the future, the county food and Drug Administration will make full use of the role of the rapid inspection vehicle to make the sampling inspection ahead of the risk, give play to the supporting role of the sampling inspection and monitoring technology, and speed up the "inspection" and "law enforcement" of food safety supervision, using the micrometer to select qualified steel balls and replace them; (3) The error of indentation measuring device is too large, and the food safety firewall is firmly built; We will do a good job in risk prevention and control of major links and enhance the pertinence of sampling inspection. Rapid sampling inspection shall be carried out for major activities, market fairs, rural family banquets, school canteens and three primary food products, which will produce crystallization when the material temperature is slightly lower than the melting temperature, so as to prevent and control systematic and group risk food; Make full use of the information platform of the rapid inspection vehicle to broadcast food safety knowledge and problem foods and high-risk products announced by the state, province, city and county in population concentration points, farmers' markets and other places, so as to create a way for the masses to identify safe foods

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