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Food packaging will be subject to market access. Plastic bags, etc. will be labeled with QS signs

about 60% of China's food packaging materials have potential safety hazards! The analysis data from experts of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee is shocking. It was learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision yesterday that the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine will launch the market access system for 39 kinds of food plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products in the near future. The first batch of products to be listed in the "QS" logo are 39 important products closely related to food production and people's lives, such as fresh-keeping films, plastic barrels, food packaging bags, milk bottles and so on

poor quality packaging materials have become "killers"

for a long time, people generally think that the problem of food safety mainly lies in the food itself, but in fact, poor quality food packaging materials also hide "killers". The Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision said that a food factory producing potato chips in Gansu accidentally found that the benzene content in potato chips exceeded the standard, and the reason for exceeding the standard was the use of food packaging bags with excessive benzene. After receiving the report, the quality supervision and inspection personnel immediately conducted a sampling inspection on seven plastic color printing enterprises producing composite food packaging film. The results showed that five of the seven samples were found to have benzene residues exceeding the standard. The most serious one was a milk powder packaging bag. The benzene content exceeded the national standard by more than ten times. If it was put into production, it would be equivalent to putting the milk powder into a highly toxic bag with serious cancer

yesterday morning, 10 passers-by who bought pancakes and Ciba were interviewed at random in the street. 8 said they never thought that there would be problems in the packaging of pancakes. Only two said they would sometimes be worried about smelling the plastic smell of some inferior packaging bags

no employment without qualification

certain production conditions are required for the control of toxic and harmful substances in food packaging, containers and other products. Taking the control of benzene content as an example, large-scale enterprises usually use high-speed printing equipment and powerful air supply and exhaust systems to reduce benzene residues, but such equipment can only be equipped with millions or even tens of millions. In addition to adding exhaust fans in the workshop, small enterprises with relatively simple equipment can only reduce benzene residue by baking in the high-temperature curing workshop, which can not guarantee the controllability of benzene residue at all. To fundamentally solve the problem, we must start with the production qualification and conditions of the enterprise. All enterprises without qualification are not allowed to engage in the production and operation of food packaging containers

1/3 manufacturers will be eliminated

according to the staff of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, there are more than 3700 manufacturers of plastic packaging and other products for food in China, including more than 1100 small enterprises with less than 10 employees, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total number of enterprises. Many small enterprises have poor equipment and lack of quality control means in the production process; Raw materials are not accepted after entering the factory, and products are not inspected after leaving the factory; The phenomenon of non-standard production is quite common to make the heavy objects fall safely. Unqualified products accounted for 36% of the total number of samples. However, we often use the method of issuing shares to purchase 67.9% of the equity of hezong lithium. The qualification rate of disposable lunch boxes is less than 50% of the phenolic insulation board

the staff of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision said that a certain transition period would be stipulated for enterprises to apply for market access. After the end of the transition period, all production enterprises that have not been admitted will be banned according to law. The quality inspection department will further strictly supervise the enterprises that have obtained the access to ensure the stable and qualified product quality. In the next two years, the internal quality supervision department will gradually implement the market access system for food packaging, containers, tools and other products made of metal, paper, ceramics and other materials

source: Yangzi Evening News

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