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Recently, the "food safety inspection vehicle" drove onto the street take away platform for sampling inspection. It is understood that this is the first public spot check activity for takeout food jointly carried out by the takeout platform and the Municipal Food and drug administration. For "problem" merchants, the four takeout platforms, hungry, meituan Dianping, baidu takeout and home food club, will share information and take measures simultaneously

at 10:00 p.m., seven stores were ordered more than ten kinds of dishes in "hungry" and these dishes would be sent to the "food safety inspection vehicle" for inspection. At the scene, the spot check merchants include famous restaurants such as Dadong and subway, as well as small restaurants such as "dumpling restaurant" and "noodle restaurant". The sampling products are mainly the types of foods that are prone to bacteria and food safety hazards in summer, including salads, cooked cold meat and milk drinks, with a total of 50 batches

in terms of test items, but the publicly issued shares have not been approved by the CSRC. The salad test items include total bacterial count, Escherichia coli, coliform group, Staphylococcus aureus and pesticide residues; In addition to the above-mentioned microbial indicators, the detection items for cooked cold meat also include the detection of illegal additives melamine and clenbuterol. According to Moco, an analyst in the lithium industry. Most of the tests will be completed on the mobile food inspection vehicle. The car is equipped with a number of quick detection instruments, including a multi-functional food safety detector, a fluorescent brightener analyzer, a warming instrument for the international market of meat moisture analysis, etc. with them, pesticide residues and illegally added substances can be quickly screened out, and there is no hiding place. The fastest project can be obtained within 30 minutes

"Hello, your takeout has arrived. Is it here?" At about 10:40, the first takeout was delivered. A waiter stopped near jishikou Road, Dongcheng convenient and fast district. Facing the delivery address of the navigation prompt - a "food safety inspection car", the waiter was obviously surprised. I learned that in order to ensure that the results of sampling inspection are fair and correct, both the merchants and the food delivery staff are completely unaware of it in advance

the first takeout was beef salad. After receiving the takeout, the staff first registered and marked it, and then began to test the beef for clenbuterol. Meanwhile, the food was delivered one after another. When the delivery clerk learned that the takeout was sent for inspection, he stood in front of the mobile inspection car and watched the inspection

for the meals and merchants that found problems during the self inspection, the hungry platform that was responsible for the spot check said that it would go offline immediately and report it to the regulatory department in time. At the same time, it would synchronize the information to other members of the self regulatory alliance of the online ordering platform industry - meituan takeout, baidu takeout and home food fair. Why not let the delivery platforms spot check each other? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of hungry Yao said that the four take away platforms have many common tenants. In order to save testing resources and avoid repeated sampling, the four platforms will be responsible for different testing items, but the testing results are "mutually recognized" among the platforms, and processing measures will be taken simultaneously

it is reported that the first batch of random inspection covers many areas in Beijing. In the next three days from now on, mobile inspection vehicles will also appear in the food delivery and gathering areas in Fengtai, Chaoyang and Xicheng. In addition to the food sampling inspection carried out by hungry Yao, baidu takeout also carried out the inspection of disposable lunch boxes. At present, the samples submitted for inspection have been sent to Beijing product quality supervision and Inspection Institute. It is expected that the test report will be released at the end of this month


with the advent of the Internet era, the takeaway industry has also risen. However, in the process of its rapid development, some food safety problems have gradually emerged. The "food safety inspection vehicle" is used to spot check the food on the takeout platform, and the multi-functional food safety detector, fluorescent brightener analyzer, meat moisture analyzer and other instruments and equipment are used to detect pesticide residues, illegally added substances and other substances, so as to ensure that people can eat at ease

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