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Yuanbao did enough homework before decoration, and put some precautions into it. It's also worth staying up late to become a panda for the success of small home decoration ~ ~ these are my reference matters before decoration. With some of my suggestions, a total of 49 items have been sorted out for your reference

1. Some practical dressings for decoration are mainly glue. Now 107 glue and 803 glue have been eliminated, and 108 glue and 801 glue can be used; Water based adhesives are more environmentally friendly and can be used if conditions permit. When the materials enter the site, they must be checked clearly - Zhichun has said that the materials I don't accept and confirm are not allowed to be constructed, which is good

2. In view of the current residential floor height of 2.5-2.7 meters, the decoration of the four walls of the room should be considered as a whole. For low rooms, the wall decoration pattern should be fine and small, giving people a hyperopia effect; The ceiling should not be suspended as much as possible, and the wooden floor should preferably be the structure without keel - the floor tiles should be laid in the dining room, kitchen and bathroom, and the reinforced composite floor should be laid in the bedroom. Except for the bathroom, all other rooms do not have suspended ceilings, and even the gypsum line is saved

3. It's best to design a cloakroom in the lobby -- this makes sense. Hanging dirty clothes outside in the cupboard and changing into home clothes can reduce bacteria, and there is no need to wear them as constrained as outside. Unfortunately, the house is too small, just get a wall hanging

4. Because the production of Chinese food is characterized by large oil smoke, it is not recommended to open the kitchen. Sliding doors can be designed in the kitchen and restaurant (I think sliding doors are also good), and transparent sliding doors (sliding doors) will not let family members take care of each other - the aisle kitchen is separated from the bedroom by a door, and the guest restaurant is OK here

5. The switches in the bedroom may be designed as double connected switches, one installed at the door and the other at the head of the bed, so that you don't have to get up and turn off the lights when you wake up in bed -- the gospel of the lazy man, consider making a double connected bedside wall lamp, and you also need a porch lamp

6. The balcony should pay attention to waterproof and drainage treatment, especially setting a faucet on the working balcony to place the washing machine, or setting a vegetable washing pool on the balcony to use as a kitchen. If the drainage and waterproof treatment is not proper, ponding and leakage will occur - because of this danger, I forced the washing machine into the bathroom

7. There are many materials commonly used to seal balconies. At present, plastic steel profiles and aluminum alloy profiles are the most common. Both profiles have the characteristics of high strength, good sealing effect, corrosion resistance, water resistance, long service life, free opening and closing, and beautiful and generous decoration; Compared with other door and window materials, the thermal insulation effect and sound insulation and noise reduction function of plastic steel profiles are more than 30% higher. If they are combined with double-layer glass, the use effect will be better - double-layer glass and double-layer vacuum glass are two concepts. When you buy them, you must ask clearly. I just need general plastic steel (the most common plastic steel window brands in the market are Shide and Conch)

8. Don't let the refrigerator close to the sink to avoid splashing water -- put it against the wall in the restaurant, which is very safe

9. The power socket in the kitchen should be equipped with an independent switch. You can control the power on directly by using the switch, so you don't have to always unplug the power socket of home appliances, and the damage to home appliances will be much smaller - 2 air conditioners, 2 televisions, washing machines. The sockets of these home appliances all use

10. The gas pipeline is not allowed to be a concealed pipe, which must be exposed. It is strictly forbidden to move the gas meter privately after installation by the gas company, The water meter and valve are the same as above. At home, I hid the water heater in the cabinet and wrapped the gas pipe together. It's dangerous to change it

11. The bathroom is relatively humid, so the switch is best with safety protection device, and the socket is best with waterproof cover; Because the wires in the bathroom should not be exposed, you should pay attention to where you need to leave sockets and plugs in advance. The common electrical appliances in the bathroom include electric water heater, heater, ceiling lamp, washing machine, etc. (personally, I think the socket switches of Yuba and hair dryer must also be considered)

12. When hanging the flat roof in the kitchen and bathroom, non hygroscopic materials should be selected. Generally, metal, plastic and other cover panels should be used. If other cover panels are used, moisture-proof measures should be taken on the flat roof surface of the concealed frame, such as painting - the ceiling is basically not used in the kitchen, and Wufeng ceiling is used in the bathroom

13. Whether the lower half wall of the window can be removed depends on the house structure and building mode. The general structure is brick concrete, and the wall parts on both sides of the window are less and stressed If there is no over top ring beam on the upper part of the window, the window is large, and the lower half wall of the window is installed with heating or pipelines, it should not be removed

14. The power consumption of modern family houses should generally be divided into five routes, which are suitable: air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom, general lighting and general socket; At the same time, when laying weak lines such as telephone lines, network lines, cable TV and audio lines, we should consider the placement position of furniture in advance, determine the wiring position as soon as possible, avoid strong wires, pay attention to moisture prevention, reserve enough sockets, and achieve centralized control - there are eight circuits in my home, and the microwave oven is wired separately for me

15. Reserved sockets: generally, 6-8 5-hole power sockets and weak points sockets should be reserved in the living room, 4-6 5-hole power sockets and weak points sockets should be reserved in the bedroom, 5 5-hole sockets and weak points sockets should be reserved in the study, 6-7 5-hole sockets should be reserved in the kitchen (the power of kitchen appliances is generally large, and it is not suitable to share one socket at the same time, it is best to reserve more sockets), 2-4 waterproof 5-hole sockets should be reserved in the bathroom -- small houses are easier to manage, I estimated that a total of 50 switch sockets are needed

16. Color taboo: the sky is clear and the ground is muddy (the ceiling color should be the lightest as far as possible, and the floor color should be darker than the ceiling), the wall color should be darker than the ceiling and lighter than the floor (according to Feng Shui, heaven, earth and talents can achieve harmony), it is best not to use too much red or black as the main color in the house, otherwise it is easy to make people impulsive and extreme ~

17. Reasons for decoration overspending: missing items when making decoration plans The price of some materials is estimated too low, and the scheme is changed repeatedly during the construction process; Methods to control the decoration cost: reduce the project, decorate step by step, and reduce the grade (while ensuring the quality) - unfortunately, it is not allowed to talk about closed contracts even if the price is purely discussed, and strictly control not to overspend ~ ~

18. Traps that should be avoided in signing the decoration contract: the subject of the contract is unclear, and the written documents of the decoration project are incomplete (there should be the project budget, a full set of design, construction drawings, etc. of both parties) The rights and obligations of both parties are not clear, the increase and decrease items are not included in the contract, the materials are not accepted at the door, and the quality standard is not clear - there are 100 yuan increase items that can be free of charge, and I hope to control them firmly

19. The shortage of cleaning up: it takes a lot of time and energy, needs to know a lot about the materials, and the owner must feed the materials according to the construction progress and consumption in the decoration - in fact, the materials and construction of half contracting and full contracting should also be looked at frequently, which is not much easier than cleaning up, but the time point of material feeding should be deducted for cleaning up, which is more tiring

20. Precautions for ceramic tile acceptance: confirm the quantity, confirm the color number (recording the color number is also convenient for patching), reserve a few pieces (they can be used in case of damage in the future), return more or supplement less (if there is cement, glue or water, it will not be returned or replaced) - let Yangyang or plasterer help me calculate the loss at that time, so as to avoid the trouble of color difference

21. The reinforced composite floor is generally composed of four layers: from top to bottom, they are: corrosion-resistant polymer material surface layer, base layer (made of hard fiberboard, density fiberboard and particleboard), decorative layer (made of wood grain pattern soaking paper), protective layer (made of moisture-proof film) - one price, one goods

22. The thicker the reinforced composite floor is purchased, the longer its service life will be, The base material determines the stability and impact resistance of the floor, and high-density hard fiber is the best. The better the base, the higher the density, and the heavier the floor Intuitively speaking, the heavier the better ^-^

23. Moisture resistance of reinforced composite floor: (it is very important for the first floor) first, check whether there is a professional moisture-proof floor mat, second, check whether there is a thick moisture-proof layer on the floor, and third, check whether the glue is a professional floor waterproof glue (water mainly enters the floor from the splicing gap, the floor surface and balance were waterproof, and what is not waterproof is the base section, so we can't blindly trust the water absorption of the floor)

24. The laminate floor should be mopped with a damp mop, and the reasonable moisture content of the floor should be maintained to reduce the expansion between the floors

25. The water inlet pipe of the water tank and the angle valve had better buy products matching with the toilet, otherwise the angle valve may leak due to lack of matching Let the shop prepare all ~

26. Do not use detergent containing abrasive ingredients when cleaning cast-iron bathtubs When can I realize my Jacuzzi dream

27. The anti fog mirror should be selected for the dressing mirror used in the bathroom

28. The materials of bathroom accessories are the most high-grade titanium alloy products. Once again, copper chromium products, stainless steel chromium products, aluminum alloy chromium products, iron chromium products and ordinary chromium products are 20 microns thick, and the workmanship is 28 microns. The effect is relatively good In order to save money, all of them use space aluminum, ranking last, 555

29. The faucet should choose alloy materials or new high-grade composite materials. The valve body of the faucet is famous for brass, and the surface is nickel plated and chromium plated. Pay attention to the gloss of the surface when shopping, and there should be no burrs, pores and oxidation spots when touching

30. During the construction of decoration wall putty, in addition to adding white latex, other adhesives with long fibers must be added to increase its strength. Generally, cooked rubber powder is used (107 rubber is eliminated due to excessive formaldehyde)

41. High quality plastic steel doors and windows should be cyan white, not white as people usually think, because plastic steel doors and windows use PVC profiles, and PVC profiles with good aging resistance are white and blue In order to save money, the shop at the door decided to forget it. I don't believe whether the quality is good

42. Plastic steel door and window frames should be clean and smooth. The allowable size deviation is: the overall size of door and window frames and door and window leaves, if the length is within 1.5 meters, the error should not exceed 2 mm; If the diagonal length of doors and windows is within 1 meter, the error shall not exceed 3 mm; If the diagonal length is within two meters, the error shall not exceed 3.5 mm; If the diagonal is greater than 2 meters, the error shall not exceed 5 mm; The assembly clearance of adjacent members shall not exceed 0.4 mm Wait until the day of installation, ask for leave and watch for inspection

43. The height difference of the same plane at the welding position of hardware shall not exceed 0.6mm, and the gap of equipment hinge shall not exceed 1.5mm; The lap width error of frames and leaves of doors and windows shall not exceed 1mm

44. When glass is used as decorative partition, glass with a thickness of more than 8mm must be selected, and 10mm and 12mm are the best. Glass is used on doors and windows. Whether the framed door is opened horizontally or pushed and pulled, 6mm glass is generally selected, and 12mm glass is required for the frameless glass door

45. PVC gusset plate has poor high temperature resistance and is easy to deform in a hot environment for a long time. Special attention should be paid to whether the oxide film and baking paint on the surface have scratches, burrs, oil spots or other stains

46. Acceptance of concealed works includes: power distribution works (whether the concealed line has a pipe sleeve, whether the weak current is unblocked, whether there is a grounding wire, whether the socket position is reasonable




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