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Natural and elegant colors, leisurely and quiet style, and American rural style home bring you and your family away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of life in a quiet state. Now let's go with Xiaobian to enjoy the American style home of the famous city owner of Nanhu, a beautiful home with two bedrooms and two living rooms

[style analysis] American pastoral style, also known as American rural style, is a branch of natural style, advocating "return to nature". Pastoral style advocates nature and combines nature in aesthetics, and strives to express the leisure, comfortable and natural pastoral life interest in the indoor environment. It also often uses the simple texture of natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials. Skillfully set indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere

decoration files: Decoration community: Nanhu Mingdu (more decoration renderings of Nanhu Mingdu) decoration company: puqiang decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: American Rural contract amount: 50000

simple white ceiling hanging metal lamp frame is atmospheric and exudes a faint sense of antiquity; The wallpaper with white flowers and yellow green background on the sofa background wall has played a good decorative role, greatly improving the beauty of the living room; The black leather sofa is simple and quite textured. The sofa is matched with blue and green pillows. The bright color contrast brings a strong visual impact, making the space appear more layered; The tea table and side table made of brown solid wood are simple and full of charm. Simple collocation makes the natural elegance of American pastoral style perfectly deduced here

the kitchen is designed as a semi open type, and the arched doors and windows give people a different visual impression, which establishes the exotic style of the space. The brown wooden strips run through the ceiling of the kitchen and restaurant, together with the chandeliers with iron brackets, the dining chairs with dark green frames, and the overall cabinets with white solid wood. The fresh and natural pastoral style atmosphere pervades the space, which makes people feel both refreshing and peaceful. The space design is simple and very emotional

the pale yellow background wall adds a warm feeling to this American idyllic bedroom. The wallpaper with yellow and green background and flower patterns pasted on the background wall at the head of the bed has become the highlight of space decoration, while the supporting furniture such as the double bed of brown solid wood is healthy and environmentally friendly and has a classic sense of beauty. The spacious floating window has become the best platform for the owner to look out, with soft cushions on the table and several pillows, When you are free, you will be in a good mood by sitting by the window reading and looking at the future

[introduction to Nanhu Mingdu community] to the south is Xiongchu street in Wuchang, to the East is Shai lake, which is very close to Wuchang railway station, The planned subway line 4 station is nearby

building area: 31250 square meters

plot ratio: 2.30 greening rate: 35%

parking space information: 430

surrounding supporting facilities: shopping malls and supermarkets (3) education supporting facilities (4) transportation supporting medical facilities (3)

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