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Tired of the cold steel and cement, abandoned the invisible pressure brought by modern technology, got rid of the rigid design of the middle gauge and the middle distance, and put down the “ Artistic dress ”, Natural, quiet and casual pastoral decoration once again enters people's hearts and plays the leading role of modern home decoration. I don't know when, the pastoral style design that often appears in the mouth of designers can be realized not only through a few chairs, tiles and bouquets. People have a clearer understanding and more realistic pursuit of pastoral style. If a few years ago people still regarded the pursuit of pastoral style as a way to express their simple and casual temperament, now it is a reflection of people's inner state and the best way to release their hearts. If dressing up a home is like dressing up a person, then the pastoral style, like casual clothes, has become an enduring dress, and will surely walk up the hall of elegance from the streets and alleys

■ lighting design brings the sun home

in the past, people liked to express luxury and splendor, so they had crystal chandeliers; Like artsy, noble and deep, so there is an antique style lamp; Like simple and modern, unique, so there are modernist lamps and lanterns. However, busy business, tired body and mind, and cold interpersonal relationships have made people extremely want to get rid of the so-called luxury, art, minimalism, etc. “ Posturing ” The form of expression, casually, enjoying nature has become the only pursuit of people, because it is casual and disorganized. But for the owner “ Random and disorganized ”, For designers or manufacturers, it must be “ Read from the book &rdquo

from the perspective of lamp modeling, the product designer magnifies the outline of flowers and plants infinitely. A flower is a headlamp, and a vine is a string of chandeliers. Flowers and vines are combined at will, or a single branch is beautiful and self admiring, or a hundred flowers bloom and flourish. In the past, people would have said, “ Vulgar, too vulgar, vulgar ”. But now in a group “ Showy ” Surrounded by lamps, you will feel “ This is life, real life ”. As the saying goes “ Vulgarity is elegance, and nature is truth ”. Seemingly random flower shaped lamps cannot be selected at will. The products of modern civilization such as glass, plastic and metal are certainly not suitable for rural style lamps. Only natural products such as clay, soft ceramics and amber are the main raw materials for making them

the color of the light is naturally orange yellow, that is, the color of the sun, “ Moving the sun home is the real garden ”, The designer said so. The light should not be too dazzling, so the flowers and plants should completely wrap the bulb; The lamps and lanterns should also realize the lighting function, and the light transmittance of the lamp cover should be slightly better. The seemingly simple pastoral style still needs a considerable level of craftsmanship to realize

■ the layout of walls and floors uses natural elements

the most indispensable elements of nature are forests, soil, rocks, flowers and plants, fish, birds, insects and animals. Through the construction of large areas of space such as the ground, walls, ceilings and curtains, all natural elements can be brought home

log is the best image display of nature, so solid wood flooring, especially antique style flooring, is the first choice for floor pavement. The bathroom, kitchen and other easily damp space can choose antique style floor tiles, the surface has a rough texture, not bright, not dazzling, plain. During construction, gaps should be left to show the soil at the joints and feel the traces of years. If you want to be more obvious, you can replace the background wall, washing table and other parts with natural slate, which is roughly processed from natural stone, and then chiseled with an axe. Its natural simplicity is the favorite in the eyes of designers

the best choice for wall space decoration is wallpaper. Brick patterns, broken flowers, vines, wallpaper with ever-changing patterns that confuse fake with real, bring infinite vitality to the pale wall. The walls with flower patterns become the background of pastoral songs. In order to highlight the effect, it is a wonderful idea to use colored paintings in time. Color painting refers to the hand-painted landscapes, ladies, flowers and plants, abstract text symbols and other patterns on furniture or walls, combined with the painting of old paint or cracked paint, it also creates the classical romantic or rural folk style of the whole home

pay attention to natural texture when choosing curtains and bedding. The natural texture of cotton and linen fabric products coincides with the pursuit of rural style without carving, while the patterns of flowers, birds, insects, fish and so on reflect the pastoral characteristics. Cotton and hemp of natural color in material are the mainstream, and monochrome in design and color is no longer popular. All kinds of complicated flowers and plants, fresh small animals and bright exotic patterns are more popular. Simple and practical furniture such as rattan tables and chairs and lockers with natural, soft and tough temperament shows the most essential femininity and makes the pastoral style come

■ detail decoration creates the style of farmyard

the most important thing for an idyllic home is green plants or all kinds of flowers, just like the front and back of the farmyard, or clusters of trees or flowers. Plants with more masculine style are not suitable for pastoral style. It is best to choose fragrant plants such as stars, lavender and roses to decorate the atmosphere. At the same time, some dry flower petals and spices are inserted into transparent glass bottles or even primitive pottery pots. Some climbing vines can also be planted along the wall outside the window to add more pastoral flavor

iron furniture is a spirit to create an idyllic style, either for flowers, branches, flexible, or entangled. All kinds of iron furniture can show the simplicity and original feeling of idyllic home. Iron frame beds made of top-grade iron and various furniture made of iron and wood products can also reflect the original rural style. The sofas, tables and chairs made of iron and bamboo rattan are not only primitive, but also show the eternal quality of bamboo rattan after years of baptism, making the pastoral style home more delicious

rural style ornaments are the finishing touches that cannot be missed in decorating home. Hand painted wall decorations, woven pendants, table decorations and other trinkets can add a lot of casual feeling to the room. Now in the market, there are many ornaments specially designed and produced for rural style home furnishings. When decorating home, you might as well walk more and browse more to find out your favorite trinkets




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