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The decoration of the bathroom is very valued. The "water flower" waterproof wallpaper in the wallpaper market is specially designed for the bathroom space. The paper-based PVC is used as the base material, and the surface PVC layer is thick, so the waterproof performance is excellent. It will not absorb water when encountering water, but will show a cool picture of transparent water droplets smearing the wall. The wallpaper also has the functions of anti mildew, anti fading and so on, which avoids the wallpaper from becoming "ugly" due to decolorization in a humid environment for a long time. It is extremely simple to clean, and you can wipe it directly with a soft dry cloth. Decoration tips: when wallpaper is used in the bathroom space, its special waterproof and moisture-proof performance is the key to selection. When purchasing, we must choose products of reliable well-known brands, and when purchasing, we should ask in detail about the product characteristics, such as whether the pavement construction process, auxiliary materials and the water resistance and stability of the product itself meet the special functional needs of the bathroom space

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