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Valentine's day, say some love words, this time we are distracted

"the moonlight is very good tonight"

"you are the April sky on earth"

"the moon in the sea is the moon in the sky, and the person in front of you is the sweetheart"

tomorrow is Valentine's day,

do you have any idea how to express your love for your other half

love words are indispensable on Valentine's day.

there are 1000 kinds of love words for a thousand people.

whether it's unfashionable or romantic,

as long as it's what you say, it's what I want to hear

as a member of the building materials industry,

Moganshan certainly has its own love words ~

life love words go together

before you hang on this tree,

I have been wandering in the forest for a long time

-- Moganshan board

in my long life,

I don't want anything else,

I just want to be able to,

accompany you through a long, long way

-- Moganshan floor

without you,

no matter how big the house is,

is also a body without soul

-- Moganshan whole house customization

the so-called love,

is nothing more than two people in a lifetime and three meals a day

-- Moganshan cabinet

I don't regret the addition of knives and axes,

I'm fearless and piercing,

originally mediocre as rotten wood,

I also want to carve myself into diamonds,

just to be worthy of you

-- Moganshan science and technology wood

love words, how can we lose,

everyone rush duck


I wish lovers all over the world get married,

I also wish single dogs can get married as soon as possible ~

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