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Clever tips for decoration: the great method of "invisibility" of washing machines must be seen source: world wide appliance network Author: Wang Luohao [font: large, medium and small]

recently, many friends around the author are preparing to decorate their new houses. At present, the most important thing is the placement of household appliances. How to make all kinds of large household appliances scientifically placed without taking up too much space has become their biggest problem. It doesn't matter. Today, I'll tell you how to place the washing machine and, more accurately, how to hide it

hide in the kitchen

advantages: easy to use and very unified with the furniture as a whole

decoration precautions:

netizens who choose to install washing machines in this way must measure the size of washing machines in advance, so that they can carry out the next step of customizing cabinets

hide in the balcony

advantage: make use of the idle space, which is perfect

attention to details of decoration:

1 First, put the washing machine on the balcony, and do a good job of sunscreen in advance

2. If you are going to put the washing machine on the balcony, it is best to choose a machine with a sunscreen layer when choosing a washing machine

3. Pay attention to the design of the upper and lower drainage devices of the washing machine





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