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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) doors and windows As an integral part of the building envelope, both high-end buildings and ordinary residential buildings are given different building functions and requirements. Only by meeting the building effect, rain proof, lighting, ventilation, vision, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other functions, can we provide people with a comfortable and quiet indoor environment and realize the requirements of social sustainable development

doors and windows are building units, decorative symbols of facade effects, and finally reflect the characteristics of the building. Although different buildings have different requirements for the design of doors and windows, and the detailed division of doors and windows is ever-changing, some rules can still be found

coordination of division proportion. For a single glass plate, the length width ratio should be close to the golden section ratio as much as possible, and should not be designed as a square and length width ratio, and should not be too large or too small

doors and windows Facade division should not only have certain rules, but also reflect changes, and seek rules in changes; The grid lines are dense; Equidistant and equidimensional division shows preciseness, solemnity and seriousness; Unequal free division shows rhythm, liveliness and dynamism. The selection of the color of doors and windows is an important part that affects the final effect of the building. The color of doors and windows should be matched with the architectural characteristics. When determining the color of the facade of doors and windows in the main view, it should be agreed with the architectural designer, the owner and other parties

it is better not to set transom and mullion within the height range of line of sight to avoid blocking the line of sight. Some doors and windows need to use glass with high light transmittance or require a wide field of vision to facilitate the viewing of outdoor scenery





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