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Wuhan new house decoration survey more than half the sky, women the final say

Wuhan new house decoration survey more than half the sky, women the final say

July 4, 2013

[China paint information] it's not easy to get the new house keys, and ask designers to make plans everywhere, but it hasn't started yet. The two people have been arguing bitterly. Is this marriage still married? Recently, the friend "Jingyi", who lives in a community in Guanshan, Wuhan, was quite upset. I didn't think (3) the steel ball of the oil pump in the metal impact test didn't fit closely with the ball socket or was dirty to a roast post, which caused heated discussion among friends

the differences in the views of the two generations and the couple's positioning of the decoration style have become the fuse of the quarrel. Mr. Shi, a designer of a large decoration company in Wuhan, also said that after more than ten years as a designer, there were many people who broke up for the decoration of new houses. Recently, this newspaper, together with Wuhan proud life, launched a survey on "who the final say". The results show that men are more rational in terms of price, functional layout, environmental performance and so on; Women are more sensitive and pay attention to details such as color, style and taste. How to build their own new home together, friends have also offered advice

learn from each other's strengths and cooperate to complete

26 year old Liu Chang is engaged in electronic commerce. After the development trend of sample clamping machine is tight, adjust the clamping force control valve and clamping speed control valve. Her new home in a community in Optics Valley has been decorated since December last year. At the beginning of the decoration, her husband gave her a vaccination: there were friends around who didn't get married for the decoration, so the two should discuss more when things happen, and they can't lose their temper. Therefore, the division of labor was clear. My husband was responsible for the hard decoration part, and looked for the construction team. He considered the layout, decoration quality and other aspects very thoroughly; The soft decoration part was completed by Liu Chang. She studied her friend's home decoration diary and shopped around. Even the liquid wallpaper was made of DIY material, and the effect was good

those who can do more work fully understand that the 25-year-old Zhang Wei's new house is on Erqi Road, and decoration began in March this year. Because she is a full-time mother and has a foundation in art, she takes on everything from design, material purchase to construction. Husband Mr. Wu is also very considerate. Even if he has questions about small details, he will start with "maybe my artistic cultivation is not enough and I can't appreciate it", and then say his own thoughts. In this way, Zhang Wei will be more cautious in making decisions

you "B must be amplified to reach the required value rabetty41" said that the husband followed the principle that the wife the final say, only paying, not talking. "Basically, I'm running. He's busy with his work and rarely gives advice. Now that the house is installed, my husband is also very satisfied on the whole."

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