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The survey shows that the time users spend using social applications is the same as that of mobile games

news on April 28, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, the data recently released by mobile program analysis agency FL narry shows that in the first quarter of last year, the average daily access time of intelligent users to social networks increased from 15 minutes to 24 minutes in the same period of last year, driven by electromechanical and reducer connecting cams, And for the first time, it is the same as the average daily time of playing games. In the past four years, games have been alone at the top of the list of average daily hours of networking behavior of intelligent users

flurry specifically provides application developers with tools to track consumer behavior. The data provided by flurry also shows that in the same period last year, smart users spent 25 minutes a day playing games

flurry analyst Peter Farago explained in a blog post that the use time of intelligent applications is now more evenly distributed. At the same time, if we only analyze the proportion of the use time of program types, the trend of this balanced distribution is more obvious. From the data analysis chart provided by flurry, it can be seen that the average daily use time of intelligent applications has increased from 68 minutes in the first quarter of last year to 77 minutes in the first quarter of this year, but the time of intelligent users playing games has decreased significantly

flurry's data also showed that the proportion of time spent by smart users playing games fell from 37% in the same period last year to 31% in the first quarter of this year, while the length of time spent visiting social networks rose rapidly from 22% to 37% in the same period

social networking includes Facebook and other applications such as instagram, while there are more kinds of games. The main networking behaviors of intelligent users also include browsing and entertainment messages

flurry also found that advertisers have also closely followed the changing trend of smart users' Internet behavior, and their advertising revenue from the social networking app market has exceeded that from the game market. In April this year, advertisers received 37% of their revenue from the social networking market, while 36% from the game market. Just two months ago, the above-mentioned income ratio was 24% and 35% respectively

of course, the survey conducted by flurry also has its limitations. Because flurry only considers intelligence and does not include the use behavior of tablet users, whose main networking behavior is playing mobile games. Tencent Technology

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