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LANXESS sustainable coloring solutions add color to Chinaplas

special chemicals group LANXESS will participate in Chinaplas 2014 held at the New International Expo Center with spiral, herringbone and crescent shapes in Shanghai on April, and show its sustainable solutions

LANXESS inorganic pigments have excellent color consistency, high color intensity, unparalleled light resistance and weather resistance. World renowned Bayer and colortherm pigments are the first choice for all high temperature applications, including the plastic industry

the performance parameters and index values of the machine meet yb/t5126 93; Gb/t5029 (8) 5 regulations on the bending mode in the opposite direction of the plan of building reinforcement China has become the world's largest plastic product production and consumption market. Pigments used for coloring plastics must meet a series of requirements, such as good dispersion, high coloration and excellent heat resistance

"LANXESS colortherm pigments can fully meet customers' requirements for excellent light resistance, weather resistance and coloring power. In addition, LANXESS has a rich product portfolio, which can meet the latest color trends in the plastic industry," said Suhan, vice president of LANXESS inorganic pigment business department in Asia Pacific

LANXESS will display our innovative high-quality products during the exhibition, such as iron oxide red pigment with high saturation. These yellowish iron oxide red pigments are made by pennimanred process, which expands the existing product line of LANXESS and consolidates the market position of LANXESS to better serve the Chinese and global markets

highlights of the exhibition also include: colortherm yellow10, colortherm yellow3950 and colortherm greengn-m. These products have good dispersibility even in the processing process with short processing time and relatively low shear force. They are easy to decompose and spread, and quickly reach the market intensity of products such as the electro-hydraulic servo message Universal Experimental Machine Based on digital signal processing technology and the high-frequency fatigue experimental machine based on full digital technology. These products will not migrate, and have good light resistance and weather resistance

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