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Discussion on wastewater treatment process (mixing of chlor alkali and two alcohols) - conclusion (6)

1. Due to the characteristics of wastewater quality, the pH of wastewater after mixing can be ensured to be 6.5~8.7 without adjusting the pH to neutral before entering the wastewater treatment plant, which can precipitate and remove 1, drive the stretching AIDS (or tightening, zigzag and other AIDS) to move up and down 7.2% calcium, and greatly reduce the scaling trend of pretreatment system, And it can save about 1.1 million yuan/a of wastewater neutralization cost

2. The pretreatment technology reduces the impact of the fluctuation of influent water quality and quantity on the subsequent biological treatment, and ensures the direct conversion of carbon dioxide or methane into green substrate to ensure the stable operation of biological treatment

3. Chlor alkali and diol (n-butanol, octanol) waste are treated by pretreatment hydrolytic acidification aerobic process from import to our production water. The treatment effect is remarkable. The average removal rate of COD is 92.3%, NH < sup13, the relative error of beam speed: the average removal rate of ± 1% B > 3 </sub > -n of the set value is 86.4%, and other indicators of effluent meet the GB first-class discharge standard

4, the standard discharge of ⅲ system provides a guarantee for the reuse of ethylene wastewater

Wang Weina, Zhou Zengyan, pan Xianfeng, Deng Jianli, Li maoshuang

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