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The survey shows that the return on investment of print media is the highest.

a recent survey conducted by the outdoor advertising association shows that printing is still the most effective advertising. It still has various forms of problem advertising, but its publicity effect will become more obvious when combined with other outdoor activities

it is understood that the association has conducted case studies on more than 400 brands in the UK and calculated the return on investment of different media platforms. The results show that for retail enterprises, outdoor advertising and television, especially considering the high production costs of the latter, have significantly lower publicity effectiveness than print advertising

for example, for every £ 1 spent on outdoor advertising today, retailers can get £ 3.57 in sales from TV advertisements, with a diameter of 40mm, or £ 6.23 in sales from print advertisements

however, on the whole, outdoor activities can improve the effectiveness of print advertising and direct selling activities by 34% and 61% respectively

Alan James, CEO of the outdoor advertising association, said: an important conclusion we have reached this time is that outdoor activities can make retailers' printed advertisements receive better and have strong water permeability effect. If there is no supporting outdoor publicity plan, the business of retail advertising agents will be greatly reduced

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