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The survey shows that TV has become a popular application of Unicom 3G.

"either big or small" is the bipolar choice for current trendsetters to watch TV - either watch a large LCD at home, 46 inches is not enjoyable, and change to 52 inches; Or you can put TV programs in your pocket and watch them whenever and wherever you want. The recent statistics of Guangdong Unicom show that the TV business has become one of the 3G applications that 3G users are most concerned about and most willing to try

"so TV has actually been launched in the previous 2G and 2.5G era, but due to speed constraints, it has not become a popular application." Unicom said that after entering the 3G era, the speed bottleneck of TV has been broken through and developed very rapidly. "At the same time, China Unicom WCD AMI recently released a report that the maximum rate of ma3g can reach 7.2m per second. Therefore, TV is regarded as an important differentiated competitive advantage of China Unicom in the 3G era."

it is reported that if the indication value of Unicom is high, 3G users can use the TV service to watch real-time live TV programs, watch the trailer of the latest film and the clips of classic film and television dramas, Download wonderful sports events, find tissue inducement materials used to induce ligament and central nerve regeneration, carbon fiber composite materials used to produce suspension frames of maglev trains A series of new material technology achievements such as intelligent materials for 4D printing, favorite crosstalk sketches, star interviews and other variety shows, humorous and funny short films, etc. Moreover, Unicom 3G customization is pre installed with TV client software, so customers can watch it directly without downloading and installing it again. In terms of tariff, Unicom also provides a variety of designs, including times, days and months. South

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