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According to the survey, who can catch mobile developers better, apple or Google

International Report on April 2 many media and scientific and technological authorities believe that the upcoming Apple iPad will lead the way we consume computer products

although iPad may open up a new way to interact with computer devices, it is far from perfect, so we need to carefully understand and ask about products. Maybe it's because what the first generation iPad can provide can't meet our expectations for this type of product

this does not mean that consumers will not buy new devices, but it does show the fear of developers when considering which program to develop is the most profitable. If nothing else, iPhone's ability to connect at any time can bring more profits than just browsing the page

although the interest of developers may decline a little, iPhone and app store do bring a new channel to sell software

however, Android is not only slowly approaching the iPhone in terms of number (although it relies on many), but also beginning to catch the interest of developers. Many Android developers mentioned that they prefer the Android development environment and that they don't need to deal with the challenging process of putting the app store on the shelves

according to the report, in January, 2010, 86% of developers were very interested in developing iPhone applications, while 68% of developers were very interested in developing Android applications, with a gap of 18%. In March, the gap narrowed to 6% (iPhone 87%, Android 81%, iPad requires a repeat of 53%)

blackberry doubled from 21% in January to 43% in March, while Windows Phone tripled from 13% to 34%. This is mainly because Microsoft and rim began to pay more attention to mobile devices, and realized that competitive platforms have begun to erode their nuclear Jinan experimental machine factory wear and tear. The machine industry mainly produces the following eight categories of products: heart BlackBerry Enterprise users

the key point is that we can see the competitive situation of apple and Google in the minds of developers here, and the quality control that other platforms do for customers is to try to find ways to attract developers, make them feel profitable, and easily release their software. CNET technology information ()

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