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Suspension of deep-sea drilling affects U.S. crude oil production

the U.S. Department of Energy Intelligence Agency released a monthly short-term outlook report on the 8th, saying that the suspension of deep-sea oil drilling is expected to reduce U.S. crude oil production by 2.4 million barrels this year and reduce the production of various components of materials by 25million barrels next year

according to the report, the daily crude oil production of the United States in 2011 is expected to reach 5.38 million barrels, and the suspension of deep-sea drilling is equivalent to a reduction of 70000 barrels per day

according to the report, this year's hurricane season will reduce crude oil production by 26million barrels and natural gas production by 166billion cubic feet, which will have a far greater impact on U.S. energy production than the oil spill, but it is still less than the hurricane seasons of 2005 and 2008

US Secretary of the interior Ken Salazar announced at the end of May that deep-sea oil drilling would be suspended for six months. The outlook report of the Department of energy intelligence agency was based on the resumption of deep-sea oil drilling six months later

the Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30 every year, with August to October being the peak of hurricane activity. In normal years, the Atlantic hurricane season will generally form 10 officially named storms, of which about 6 will evolve into hurricanes, and there are generally two strong hurricanes. However, the Tropical Meteorology program of Colorado State University in the United States predicts that hurricane activity will be more active this year

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