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Discussion on the training mode of packaging design professionals in Colleges and universities in Western China (Part 2)

implement the complete credit system to improve students' social competitiveness

packaging design education should adapt to the fierce competition at home and abroad, and teaching quality is an inevitable premise. The implementation of the complete credit system can fully tap the potential of running a school, mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, truly realize the dominant position of students in teaching, and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching

due to the great flexibility of the teaching plan and arrangement of the credit system, it can not only ensure the course content and class hours necessary for talent training, but also vigorously open elective courses with distinctive characteristics according to special requirements (such as regional economy, folk culture, etc.). The whole teaching idea advocates "generalist education", "desalinating majors and highlighting Courses", adopts a modular teaching organization method, strengthens basic teaching, fully mobilizes students' artistic potential, and allows them to have more access to various materials and technologies; Desalinate the boundaries of disciplines, and implement the "two choice system" in the form of multiple courses and short class hours, that is, students choose courses and teachers independently according to the arrangement of the credit system teaching plan, so that students have clear goals in the process of learning, can carry out self-design and self-awareness, so as to find a suitable way to grow up and develop

implement the credit system through the reform of teaching management; Only by strengthening the training of students to become innovative talents with high quality can they master brand-new knowledge and resources, affect advanced means, greatly enhance the competitive strength of society, and show the personality and style of modern packaging design talents

3 it is found in the display of the task station that the travel of the actuator is only ± 10mm, which should be ± 50mm under normal conditions. In order to show problems in the system setting, it is necessary to reset the system After resetting the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, the display value on the display board of the task station is still inaccurate, so it is thought that as long as the positioning and shifting system is re calibrated, this problem can be solved. The system engineering of building laboratories and practice bases

modern packaging design education in Colleges and universities must fully consider and foresee the new changes and higher requirements brought about by China's entry into WTO, especially the economic and industrial structure adjustment to adapt to the western development. Therefore, to further increase the adjustment of curriculum content, broaden the professional caliber and service level, it is necessary to carry out strong experimental and practical teaching reform. The effective development of experimental teaching and teaching practice base activities plays an irreplaceable role in the cultivation of students' quality education and innovative ability

the basic course experiment of packaging design is large in quantity and wide in scope, which directly affects the quality of teaching. In order to ensure the smooth development of teaching experiment work, we should attach great importance to the construction of the laboratory, and the leaders in charge of teaching should manage the laboratory, so as to make the coordinated development of classroom teaching and experimental teaching become an organic part; Invest funds in priority and priority to build a number of progressiveness, practical and systematic laboratories (such as multimedia rooms, computer rooms, studios, model making rooms, packaging and testing rooms and small printing plants), and strive to build the laboratories into multi-functional places integrating teaching, scientific research and production; Open the laboratory for teachers and students all day, improve the annihilation rate of teaching and scientific research experiments, and form an experimental teaching system for the purpose of cultivating students' comprehensive ability; In addition to providing high-quality experimental management personnel, teachers should also become experts in classroom teaching and masters of experimental teaching as soon as possible, so as to ensure that students really achieve the organic combination of theory and practice

the circular process from classroom to laboratory and then to practice base reflects the objective law of modern higher education. Based on the location of the school and radiating inside and outside the province, selecting representative packaging design companies, packaging enterprise groups and large shopping malls as the practice bases for teaching experiments and scientific research can not only solve larger-scale teaching experiments, realize resource sharing, make design education occupy the forefront and advantage in the cycle of rapid renewal of new knowledge and new technology, but also connect closely with society and verification The exhibition of teaching achievements provides a broad stage

4 make use of the rich resource advantages in the west to cultivate students' comprehensive aesthetic ability and design quality

Western China is vast in territory and rich in resources. There are not only abundant natural resources, but also extensive and profound human resources left by our ancestors. Making full use of these advantages and the interactive effect produced by the combination of modern design aesthetics in education will achieve better results in cultivating students' comprehensive aesthetic ability and design quality

the west is the source of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the "Mother River" for the survival of the Chinese nation. The Loess Plateau, one of the birthplaces of the world's "four cultures", is in the West. There are also Jiuzhaigou, which is known as the "human heaven fixture on the strength requirements: Tang", as well as the "national treasure" giant pandas, golden monkeys and so on, all in the lovely West. Our ancestors persisted in living in the hot land of the west, and created a lot of spiritual wealth, leaving behind rich human resources. The earliest human "Yuanmou people", "Banpo site" and "Yangshao culture" found in Asia so far, the "mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor" of the Chinese nation, the magnificent "Terra Cotta Warriors", the "Mogao Grottoes" and "Leshan Giant Buddha" of Buddhist art, the brilliant pearl of ancient water conservancy construction "Dujiangyan", the "daughter Kingdom Lugu Lake" in the epitome of matriarchal society, the "Sansu Temple" in Meishan, the birthplace of Taoism "Qingcheng Mountain" Let the world's attention "Sanxingdui" bring these rich natural and human resources in the West into the teaching, create brand courses, and cultivate students' comprehensive aesthetic ability and design quality, which will surely create a large number of packaging design talents with deep cultural heritage and distinctive modern ideas

the training mode of packaging design talents in western colleges and universities will inevitably be affected by the backward consciousness in the region and restricted by economic factors. Therefore, we should have the courage of reform and opening up and the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, overcome difficulties, find a way suitable for our own development, form a talent training mode with modern school running philosophy, scientific supporting software and hardware facilities, and distinctive characteristics, and vigorously cultivate qualified modern packaging design talents for the West and other regions, mainly from castor oil that can be continuously cultivated and soybean oil from non food sources, Make contributions to China's new economic take-off


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