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The survey shows that global consumers prefer glass containers

the latest survey results of Owens Illinois, a global packaging product and glass container manufacturer, show that global consumers prefer to buy food and beverages in glass containers

global package 2 choose products and glass container manufacturers according to the sample size. The latest survey results of Owens Illinois (O-I) Company in the United States show that compared with other packaging materials, consumers all over the world prefer to buy food and drinks in glass containers, but they are still difficult to find glass packaging products produced by their favorite brands on the shelves of supermarkets

siegel+gale, the world's leading strategic brand promotion agency, once conducted a survey on more than 2900 consumers in 9 countries to understand their preferences for food and beverage packaging. Results glass packaging stood out among many types of packaging and became the most popular packaging form among consumers - 93. 5% of the respondents like bottled wine, and 66% like bottled non-alcoholic beverages

the reason why consumers think that glass material is superior to other packaging materials is mainly because it has five characteristics: high purity, strong safety, good quality, multiple functions and recyclability

although consumers prefer glass containers, such packaging may be difficult to appear on store shelves in large quantities. The survey results of food packaging show that 91% of consumers say they prefer glass packaging, but in the food industry, glass packaging only accounts for about 10% of the market share

according to O-I company, the application scale of glass packaging in the market at present does not meet the expectations of customers, mainly for two reasons: first, the brand preferred by consumers does not use glass packaging; Second, the stores most frequently visited by consumers are not packed in glass containers

in addition, its company plans to invest 180million yuan to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Guangdong Shuye environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shuye packaging"), and his survey data also reflects consumers' preference for a certain type of food packaging. Statistics show that 84% of respondents prefer beer in glass containers, which is particularly obvious in European countries. Consumers' demand for canned food packaged in glass is also relatively strong

among the surveyed consumers, 91% prefer glass packaged food, which is particularly obvious in Latin American countries (95%). In addition, glass is the preferred packaging form for drinking wine consumers, which is favored by 98% of consumers

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