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The deputy director of the State Administration of work safety investigated Yantai wan3. The national gb2626 ⑵ 006 standard stipulates that the filter element of the dust mask is printed with a permanent mark: the national standard, year number and protection grade mark of gb2626 ⑵ 006-kn100. On April 19, Wang Dexue, deputy director of the State Administration of work safety and director of the national production safety emergency rescue index 3.1 rubber tensile testing machine center, led a delegation of 9 members of the national safety supervision system research team to Wanhua for inspection, Listen to the safety work report of Yantai and Wanhua. Zhou Qi, assistant governor of Shandong Province, Zhang Jiangting, deputy secretary of Yantai municipal Party committee and mayor, and caiguohua, deputy mayor attended the briefing. Leaders of Shandong Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, Shandong Provincial Coal Supervision Bureau, Yantai municipal government, Wanhua Group and relevant departments attended the briefing

click the start experiment button, and President liaozengtai reported in detail the work safety of Wanhua. He introduced the achievements and experience of Wanhua safety management in improving the strength of professional and technical personnel team from the aspects of Wanhua HSE system construction, employee commitment behavior, the establishment and improvement of emergency rescue system, the introduction of the world's most advanced safety concept, safety facilities, and the society undertaken by Wanhua

vice mayor caiguohua systematically introduced the safety work of Yantai city and the great contributions made by Wanhua to Yantai city through valuable experience (article source: Global polyurethane)

deputy director Wang Dexue spoke highly of the safety work of Yantai and Wanhua. He pointed out that the safety work in Yantai is also at the forefront of the country: a good safety system, good safety policies, good safety mechanisms, and good safety infrastructure. When talking about Wanhua's safety work, he pointed out that Wanhua's work in safety management, accident prevention, safety concept, safety management innovation and other aspects is very outstanding, and Wanhua's reference and innovative safety concept is unique and practical. Finally, deputy director Wang Dexue put forward higher requirements and ardent expectations for the safety work of Yantai and Wanhua

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