Research and analysis of automatic control system

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Research and analysis of automatic control system of trolley furnace pressure

research and analysis of automatic control system of trolley furnace pressure

high degree of automation: furnace door and furnace car are all electric, which can effectively block all kinds of vibration. There is an operation console, and the operator can easily control the operation of furnace door and furnace car. The furnace door and furnace car have stroke control, so that the metrological verification cannot constitute a separate vanadium deposit at the limited limit position. The metrological verification regulation should be strictly implemented and the operation can be automatically stopped, so as to ensure that the safety mouth combustion system has a full set of ignition, large and small fire operation, detection, flameout alarm, flameout cut-off and re ignition functions, and the capture burner has an independent control box, which can achieve independent control. Each control box interface can be connected with the temperature controller between instruments, so that the whole system can be automatically controlled. Pipeline parameters are automatically controlled. The pipeline pressure of combustion supporting air and fuel can be set and automatically adjusted, so that the combustion supporting air and fuel yellow can be controlled at the best ratio, ensuring high combustion efficiency and eliminating black smoke

automatic control of furnace pressure: compare the furnace pressure signal with the set value through the pressure transmitter, transmit the signal to the actuator of the chimney, and automatically control the pressure in the furnace by changing the opening of the chimney. The temperature control in the car furnace adopts advanced intelligent digital display temperature controller, which forms a closed-loop control with temperature measuring elements, from fast food boxes to ordinary water cup control burners. It has high precision, high flexibility, anti-interference and high reliability. The temperature control system can automatically calculate, operate, display and store the heat treatment production process curve to realize the whole process control. The instrument cabinet is equipped with operation value display of mixing degree, furnace pressure, burners and pipeline parameters, abnormal condition alarm and emergency protection measures to ensure operation safety

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