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International market requirements for commodity packaging

among the many factors of commodity competition in today's international market, commodity quality, price and packaging social planning are the three main factors. A foreign expert who studies marketing once said, "in the road to the market, packaging design is the most important. Packaging plays no less important role in promoting the overall image than advertising." The general requirements of the international market for commodity packaging are to meet the standards and attract customers. The specific requirements are as follows: first, the name is easy to remember. The product name on the package should be easy to understand, read and remember. "Coca Cola" is a successful example. Although Nestle coffee (Nestel) is famous all over the world, it was renamed "Bunker" when it was sold in Germany in order to make it easy for Germans to accept. The written instructions on the package should also be in the language of the country of sale, so that customers can't understand it. Some countries have legal provisions on what kind of words should be used on the packaging. For example, Greece stipulates that the packaging must be in Greek, and indicate the company name, commodity name, product quality, quantity, etc. Ireland stipulates that new furniture and its objects made entirely or mainly of wood must be marked with the country of origin in Irish and English, as must ceramic utensils, tableware, aluminum pots, electric pots, carpets, socks, jewelry, men's coats, etc. 2、 Eye catching appearance. Consumers should be able to know the characteristics of products from the appearance of packaging. For example, there are five types of French perfume, and the bottle of each kind of perfume with different fragrance has different shapes. 3、 The printing is concise. Packaging and printing should strive to be concise. For those goods sold in supermarkets, the national standard for plastic shopping bags from shelves will be officially introduced before the deadline on June 1. For high-end luxury goods, the packaging and printing should be adapted to the grade of the goods themselves. The packaging and printing of French famous cosmetics are very exquisite. 4、 Reflect credibility. Packaging should fully reflect the reputation of products, so that consumers can enhance their trust in products through the packaging of products. For example, the famous French brandy "Blue Ribbon" has never changed its packaging since it came into the market in 1912. Its packaging has not been changed for nearly a hundred years, because regular customers are familiar with it, which can fully reflect the credibility of the product. 5、 The color is pleasing to the eye. Generally speaking, Europeans like red and yellow, but Spaniards don't like the mixture of red and yellow. French and Dutch prefer light blue, but Germans dislike it. The high-end commodities sold in supermarkets mostly use European popular colors, that is, light and elegant or close to natural colors. 6、 There are regional signs. However, the packaging should have product regional marks or patterns to make it easy for people to identify. The milk and cheese produced by Ruyi Dali are mostly printed with the scenery of Italian dairy farms on the package, which makes people know at a glance that this is a product from Italy, which is now widely valued by the international community for environmental protection. 7、 Have environmental awareness. The packaging materials should be pollution-free and easy to recycle and decompose after use. There are many new specific regulations on packaging materials in the world. The general trend is to gradually replace plastic, plastic and other materials with paper and glass. For example, Germany stipulates that corrugated cartons should be used for food packaging exported from China to Germany. The outer cartons should not have wax paper or oil separator. When sealing the cartons, only glue should be used as far as possible, PVC or any other plastic tape should not be used, metal plastic nails or clips should not be used, and glue should be used to stick all sides, so as to facilitate the recycling of cartons and prevent pollution. 8、 Be original. The internationally popular commodity packaging always strives to be innovative. They pursue novel, strange and modern packaging. This is a means of changing the traditional image of famous brand old products, and also provides an opportunity for new products to create famous brands. At the same time, it is also a new trend to apply the latest modern scientific and technological achievements in packaging, such as anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting packaging

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