Analysis of northeast glass market in 2016

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2016 northeast glass market analysis

has now entered the third quarter, and the float glass market in the first two quarters can be described as "sesame blossoming and rising"! In the Northeast market in the northernmost part of China, it is also "advancing all the way", and the haze of previous years is also "swept away"

at present, the average market price in Northeast China is about 13% higher than that before the year. 79%, which has significantly improved the profitability of manufacturers. Here are two reasons to briefly analyze the Northeast glass market in 2016

first, due to the reduction of demand and the rapid increase of production capacity, vicious competition among manufacturers has become increasingly serious in the past few years, and the market price has continued to be at a low level, resulting in "more losses than profits" for many of them. After a considerable period of time, plus various factors, some production enterprises chose to shut down or cold repair, resulting in a significant reduction in the production capacity of northeast glass. The overall reduced production capacity accounted for about 28% of the total production at that time. 9%。 The demand has not changed significantly, so the production and sales of manufacturers in production have improved

second, the price is inversely proportional to the manufacturer's inventory. When the price rises, the supply of goods becomes more and more popular. When the price is low, the inventory gradually accumulates. In other words, when the manufacturer's inventory is at a low level, they will have the confidence to increase the price

third, at present, there is still one line of local production capacity to basically maintain exports, and there is almost one line of production capacity to flow out of the field. According to the owner, at present, Benxi Yujing basically focuses on the scheduled production of customers, that is, customers pack a production line for a few days to specially produce the original films with customized specifications, while other customers have been difficult to get regular goods, and there is often the phenomenon of waiting in line for a few days to get on a truck. It is really "hard to get a car", and many dealers began to take goods from nearby manufacturers

due to the poor market operation in the previous two years, most middlemen did not have a good profit space. Therefore, after the local manufacturers introduced the winter storage policy at the end of 2015, users' purchasing enthusiasm was generally biased. Many people believed that the price trend of China's main lithium salt in 2017 would not rise as before, so the amount of money paid was also limited. However, with the good market operation after the year, the manufacturer's price also rose, At present, some middlemen have also begun to stock up appropriately in order to prepare for the peak season of late demand of: +86 21 - 155, 502, which ensures the smoothness of manufacturers' delivery

at present, the inventory of northeast production enterprises is low, the price is still gradually rising slowly, and the peripheral market is also running well, and the news of price rise continues to spread, which undoubtedly aggravates the bullish mentality of some dealers. They report that their enthusiasm for procurement has increased. Under this trend, the Northeast glass market may still have some room to rise in the short term, you can wait and see

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