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Requirements of automatic packing on corrugated box design and printing

the pressing line should be clear, and the pressing line and slotting position should be accurate

unlike manual packing, automatic packing equipment has higher requirements on carton pressing line and slotting. When packing manually, you can manually correct the adverse factors that affect the natural formation of the carton, such as shallow indentation, indentation, slotting and displacement. The automatic packing is mainly completed by the cooperation of suction nozzle, stopper rod and clamping rod, which does not have the function of forming correction. Therefore, it is required to ensure that the indentation of the carton is clear when processing the carton, and it is easy to bend when the carton is folded and formed, so as not to have broken lines, crow's feet and other defects. In addition, the accuracy of slotting and crimping shall be ensured. Generally, the displacement of slotting or crimping shall not exceed 2mm

in order to facilitate the automatic packing device to form cartons vertically, some foreign carton machinery manufacturers have recently introduced a process called pre crease. The pre crease process is to add a pre folding device on the automatic box pasting machine to pre fold the first and third pressing lines of the cardboard once. This reduces the resistance of the pressing line to fold again, making it easier for the automatic packaging line to erect the carton

the hole in the corner of the box should not be too large

generally, there are two sealing methods of automatic packing: glue sealing and tape sealing. Different from the manual I-shaped sealing method, glue sealing and tape sealing will not seal the corner of the box. If the loophole in the corner of the carton is too large, it will weaken the waterproof and moisture resistance function of the carton. In particular, the vast majority of some exported goods are shipped to the place of delivery through containers. When eldorodo century plastics company, which is sailing on the sea, adopts peek to manufacture cylindrical fillers, the air humidity in the container may be as high as 93%. If the corner hole is too large, the goods inside are vulnerable to moisture. Generally, for cartons with automatic sealing, the diameter of the corner hole should not exceed 5mm

the surface of the carton should be suitable for transparent glue sealing

some brands of carton board paper, due to the high degree of surface sizing, it is easy to make the transparent tape difficult to adhere, so that when the goods are sealed, the tape is easy to pop open, so it cannot be effectively sealed. Generally, the adhesive tape test should be carried out for the box board paper used as face paper. The specific method is: take a kind of transparent tape with moderate viscosity, stick it on the box board paper, and then tear the tape to separate it from the box board paper. If you tear it off, tear off the surface of the box board paper together. The table about the manufacturer's service shows that this kind of box board paper is suitable for sealing with tape. If it can be easily separated and the surface of the carton board is not damaged after tearing, it indicates that this kind of carton board is not suitable for sealing with adhesive tape

the surface of the tissue paper must have a certain roughness

some automatic packing machines also include an automatic stacking system to stack the packed cartons, but in this process, we found that some cartons with relatively high surface smoothness and heavy contents of the tissue paper have been promoted to household appliances, automobiles, cosmetics, specific packaging and other fields, and cannot be sucked up by the suction cup. The reason is that the cartons with high surface smoothness cannot produce enough friction with the suction cups to pick up the cartons. Therefore, in this case, we might as well consider choosing facial paper with rough surface to replace it

must have a good flatness

some beverage packaging, such as Pepsi Cola, adopts the method of paper tray heating shrink film packaging, and its paper tray is made of b-edge three-layer paperboard with low gram weight by die cutting. During the packaging of the automatic packing production line, a piece of cardboard is sucked through the suction nozzle each time, folded and glued into a tray, and then bottled and sealed with heat shrinkable film. If the cardboard is bent to a certain extent, the suction nozzle will suck more than one sheet at a time. Therefore, after the centralized pre holiday replenishment of this week 1 and 2, we must ensure that the die-cut cardboard has a high flatness

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